Things to Discuss

  1. Good Night and Good Luck is a really amazing movie. Talk about just getting everything right. David Strathairn was outrageously good. Such a natural non-showy performance, which was at the same time a knockout showstopper. CRAZY. Personally my favorite performance of 2005 (sorry Heath + PSH). Can George Clooney please just keep doing more and more projects? Please? [sidenote: wasn't it hilarious seeing Ray Wise (aka Leland Palmer) in a semi-normal role?]
  2. Its is extremely nice outside. I took a very nice walk (w/ iPod)...it was just starting to rain when I got back.
  3. Everytime We Touch has become #2 on my iPod. Crazy.
  4. I heart CCE and Haydn Quartets.
  5. Sex and the City is back. And I need to watch it. And I have watched some of it. Season 3 is basically done. Season 4 starts soon. Brian has canceled his netflix queue so we can get SATC faster. So obsessed.
  6. This Tuesday marks the release of P!ink's new album. Stupid Girls quickly ascended to the top of my iPod list (where it still remains) and I expect the album to be stupendous.
  7. Grad school letters should be done soon. That means I have to decide. OMG.

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