The Orchid Thief

Thought I should mention that I finally finished reading The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean. Most of you probably know this as the book that inspired the movie Adaptation. The movie is radically different from the book (being a VERY loose adaptation). I have to admit that I love both of them in their own way. I love the way that Susan Orlean writes...it is all at once informal and profound. She'll go from being extremely funny about something (such as alligators crossing a parking lot) and then suddenly start talking about her inner most desires. The book is at first about John Laroche, a man charged with stealing precious/endangered orchids out of a swamp...but it delves into the history of Florida, orchid hunting around the world, and the Seminole Indian tribe. We learn how all of these things fit together and the book ends up eventually being about obsession and unfulfilled desire. Really amazing. You have probably read the quotes I have posted here and though that they weren't very interesting. READ THE BOOK. You will not be sorry. It really is one of my favorites ever. I need to read more of her books...right now. But first its on to Truman Capote and In Cold Blood. Tags:, , ,

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