New Communication Wave

In case you haven't heard...wallchatting is the new IM. I just finished a lengthy wallchat with the brilliant and profound Andy Nogal on facebook. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, wallchat is carrying on an im-like conversation through a facebook wall. Thats right...its almost the same as IM, except that anyone can read it and you can breeze through the archives left over on a facebook profile. Topics range from Cher to, well, I guess we didn't really discuss anything except for the fact that we were wallchatting. See facebook profile for evidence. To really impress your friends change your profile picture while wallchatting...or to throw them for a loop send a text message at the same time. And its so lamb. Tags:,


a.r.n. said...

we are lamber than lamb.

is that an acceptable construction? i wouldn't want to misuse the hottest new slang.

OhMyTrill said...

anything involving the use of lamb is ok in my book

Anonymous said...