Real World: Where Oscar Doesn't Matter

Today, when I checked the mail, I was very disturbed to find a very very skinny envelope from Rice University. Just what I needed after the horrible night of injustice. However, it turned out only to be a letter that said this, "We are currently reviewing application files and will make admission decisions as soon as the last auditions have been evaluated." Are they just trying to mess with people? I so though that I got rejected super fast. At least I haven't been yet! So, its now time to leave the world of Oscar (where I have been for the past day or so) and enter the real world of auditions. Tomorrow I have my most important audition of all: The Juilliard School. I would really like to go to school here, not only because it is in New York City (which I adore...a lot) but I think Fred Sherry would be the most appropriate teacher for me. I feel like I'm good friends with him already, even though I only met him once for 30 minutes, and haven't talked to him since. No matter what, he is THE GUY for new music. Who else would suggest that his students play Zorn on their degree recitals? I don't see anybody at Eastman playing Zorn on their recitals. But whatever. I am fairly well prepared, at least as much as I have been for any other audition I've done. I am VERY nervous about my showpiece, simply because I'm bad at them. Guess I just need to convince the Juilliard cello faculty that I love playing showpieces. Or maybe they wont even ask for it! Anyways, I'll be in NYC from tonight through Thursday evening. And I'm brining Mr. Computer with, so blogging should remain constant...since I know you would all miss me (how many people even read this thing, like 5?) And thanks to all of you who linked to my post earlier today...love ya!

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