Last Minute Panic

So now that it's gotten to the point where I can't really do anything more to prepare for my recital, I'm a bit scared. I knew this would kind of happen. Whatever. It should be fine. Right? I'm most worried about the Ligeti, which I have been practicing slow...a lot...so I hope I will be able to play it fast tomorrow, without falling on my face. Duh. Rochberg will have mistakes. I need to accept this. Moving on... Lets be honest...Ricardo's dress (which just finished) was bad. We aren't talking shaky...we are talking shaky and sounding like crap...especially the solo cello movement. Shit. Its really scary. Other people seem to think it sounds good...but I know it doesn't. I'm just going to not worry about stuff...maybe everything will turn out just right? OMG...calm down freak.

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