Recital is Coming

Tania and I were able to put the rest of the Rochberg together in one rehearsal! It isn't recital-worthy...but we could play through all of it...which is better than nothing! The Debussy was also strangely intact after leaving it alone for so long...with steady rehearsal I think both pieces will be sounding fine and dandy next Sunday (not this coming Sunday...the one after). Jairo's piece is also just fine...I have two pages of it so far, and after our last meeting, lots of it got MUCH easier. Translation: he made most of the piece Molto Rubato at a slower tempo than he had originally thought. Its pretty fun to play, and after working out a few of the kinks everything should be fine! And I just sent my Facebook recital invitations...so you should have received one...I had to make it in two separate batches to invite all of my facebook friends (kind of stupid I know) but whatever...hope you all can come. Now I have to start learning all of African-American Music History because I have a midterm on it this Tuesday...should be interesting. Ugh...

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