Call me?

Let's just assume you have been trying to call me. Now that we have established that, you will realize that I haven't answered any of your calls. That is because my phone went missing somewhere between Rochester and Laguardia. That really sucks a lot. I'm going to worry about it after my audition tomorrow. Perhaps I should just get a new plan/phone since the two year contract expires really soon. In other news: New York is amazing as always. Run-through with my pianist was pretty shaky...but I literally walked off the plane and into the practice room. So things were a bit tight. And she said that the cello faculty likes to ask for the 3rd mvt of Dvorak and cut to the coda...so I am now EXTREMELY worried about that...and I will be getting up at 6:00am to go to Juilliard and get a practice room so I'll be ready in case they ask for it. So scared... Today was by far the biggest day EVER for OhMyTrill. At last check there were 584 hits today...thanks mainly in part to bloggers Nathaniel and Gabriel who generously linked to my oscar rant earlier this morning. Guess that is small beans to most bloggers, but this little mom and pop joint could use the activity! Thanks guys! Wish me luck at the big J tomorrow!

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