First Real Letter

I finally got my first official acceptance today...although it was no surprise at all (since I already knew about it). I got a real letter today from Eastman telling me that I got in! (for those of you who don't know, I already go to Eastman...so...duh). What was a surprise was the miniscule amount of money I got. That really sucks. If go to Eastman I can get the huge stipend of $672...a year. Whoa...thats a whole lot of spending money. That doesn't even pay two months of rent. (yes I know, in some places that doesn't even cover half a month of rent). Here's hoping that I get a much better offer from another school (or that I at least get accepted to another school...) Let's just say that accept/reject season hasn't gotten off to the greatest start. In other news:
  1. Recital in two days (thats on Sunday at 9pm for those who have been living under a rock. Things are going ok...not amazing. I'm a bit more worried about it, but it really should be fine. I think.
  2. Ricardo recital in two days (thats on Sunday at 3pm for those who have been living under a rock). The music is really hard...and it really sounds like that when I/we play it. Thats not so good. Come and see the insanity.
  3. Sex and the City Season 2 is complete. Most memorable line? "Who are you...Goldicocks?" Season 2 begins tomorrow. New converts: Megan + Kitty.
  4. I have finally found a tagging system that I really like. I know...blog nerd.
  5. I'm going on a cruise...see previous entry.
  6. Worried about grad school...oh wait...already said that.
  7. And I have to play in the Sea Symphony in Philharmonia. I walked by the orchestra board today and saw my name on the list and was like, "what the hell?"...Kimberly and I have decided to go to Salinger's after every rehearsal. Simple solution.

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