Back For Good

So the grand tour of Eastern States (plus Texas) is over. The grand finale happened this weekend with the New Jersey/New York last hurrah. I will now be in Rochester for the rest of the semester. I have an invitation to Florida, but I don't think I can afford it...and by that time I will be really happy to just sit in a room and stare at the wall and not have to do anything (omg...I can't wait). Right now I'm catching up on very important things: #1...the first disc of Sex and the City is complete=such a great show. Everything about it is just so solid, most noticeably the writing...so smart and conscious. And not to mention a super-amazing cast. I find that usually the ringleader/"star" of an ensemble cast is very hard to like and I usually end up falling for a supporting character, but Sarah Jessica Parker really is the star of this show: she is real and comfortable...hard to find in a TV show. Can't wait for the next disc. #2...The latest episode of Desperate Housewives. I must admit I have been rapidly losing faith in this show. The first season was completely addictive (in a really 'not ok' kind of way) but the second season is really kind of embarrassing. I keep watching because I have to...I really don't think the show will be around much longer. It needs serious help...its dying FAST. SCHOOL RANT: I want to know where I'm going to school next year. Its kind of weird that right now I have now idea where I'm going to end up...I really don't care about NEC...but I could really see myself ending up at any of the four other schools I applied to (Eastman, Rice, Juilliard, Mannes). Hopefully my dismal Juilliard audition will get a boost from a kind word provided by the one and only Brad Lubman...I should start hearing from school any day now...NYC schools will be mailing April 1st...Eastman and Rice could be in the mailbox anytime. OMG. Work starts hardcore this week. It will be a lot to do...but I'm looking forward to it. At least I really DO want to do everything I have lined up in the next two weeks. BEWARE: recital advertising starts in full swing tomorrow. Expect postcards. Expect Facebook invitations. You have already received a Friendster invite. You will see posters. You will be at the recital. New obsession: P!nk=Stupid Girls. Thats all.

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