1. Music For All somehow happened. We had only run through the presentation one time for Janet and it was seriously ghetto. We went over things about 2 seconds before we started the presentation and then somehow pulled off presenting David Plylar's crazy string quartet to a bunch of high school string students. I was definitely VERY out of it since I had been up till 3 or 4 or something and I got up at 6:30. Things were a bit hazy. It was our last Music For All presentation...kind of nice, but also very sad at the same time. While it has been VERY annoying in the past, I think CCE would agree with the fact that we had some very fun times doing Music For All.
  2. The Music History Test turned out to be REALLY easy. I think that most people would be able to pass without having ever study African American Music History. The way that the questions were presented, it would be really hard to answer them incorrectly. However, this didn't stop me from answering some of them incorrectly, but I still did very well...I believe Heather may or may not have left the score in a comment on another post...not that I'm showing off or anything. At least I know not to be too worried about the final, since Currie said that it would be the exact same format as the midterm.
  3. I took a very nice nap thank you to a canceled trio rehearsal. Thank you Arthur and Heather...I REALLY needed that.
  4. I suck ass at Ricardo's music.
  5. I rewarded myself with a short Sex and the City marathon. Disc 1 of season two is now complete. So addictive. So fun. And even Brian likes it. And he will hate me for putting that here.

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