It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp

Let's be honest...Hustle and Flow really started out as a great movie...and then they fucked up BIG time. I think somewhere around the time that Terrance Howard ran back to give his wife (or whatever) a huge romantic kiss accompanied by a huge swell in the music the movie took a huge nose-dive. After that we got all sorts of things including a shoot-out, jail scenes, and a gag-worthy Hallmark ending. What happened? It was so great for most of the movie...why resort to all of the same Hollywood cliches? Definitely check out Hustle and Flow for a superb performance by Terrance Howard (Oscar nom worthy, but not deserving of a win...which he didn't get...) and a really tight and interesting script (until the above mentioned scene). Wish they hadn't thrown this movie in the garbage...it really could have been something. And that song really deserved the Oscar. If I had seen this movie prior to the big night I would have been rooting for it rather than Dolly (although I still like that song a lot). Add it to the song obsession list... What did you think? Is Hustle and Flow overlooked? Or does it deserve to be?

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