It is easy to convey lots of information in the form of a list. So here goes: 1. Houston weather is amazing. I spent yesterday wandering Rice village in a t-shirt and shorts. So there. 2. Audition went pretty well. Bach has been better, Dvorak has been better. But overall, it was pretty solid, I guess. Ligeti went really well...not really sure how that happened. Norman Fischer thinks that I should start with Ligeti instead of Bach...which is the opposite of what everyone here told me...we'll see. 3. The Galleria is a really really big mall in Houston, and they have a Versace, Gucci, and Louis Viutton (with men's clothes) there. Its pretty crazy. 4. Indian food in Rice Village is good. 5. We found a small fountain of a pig spitting water and were moved to take a picture with it. A nice lady came by and took one for us, afterwards posing the question, "was that too much pig for you?" 6. Margaritas in Rice Village are good. 7. Diagnostic tests in Rice Classrooms are not good, especially when you have to name countries and dates of tons and tons of pre-Barouqe composers. 8. I want to go back to Houston weather. 9. Can't really think of anything else. Tags:, , , ,


Strong Enough

Tomorrow I leave for Houston to audition at Rice University. I am excited about the warm weather as you can see below. I just finished watching Junebug...I was a bit disappointed. The movie isn't bad, but maybe there was just too much hype and I was expecting more than there was. Amy Adams is great, very deserving of an Oscar Nom (although she is much more than supporting since she is present in almost every scene in the movie). Whatever. Wish me luck at Rice! And you'll notice that you can now keep track of my audition progress at the left under the Big Five section! Tags:, ,

Weekend Forecast

HOUSTON, TX: Sunday: High of 67...mostly sunny Monday: High of 76...mostly sunny Tuesday: High of 75...sunny Pack accordingly... Tags:,


"I wanted a Fakahatchee ghost orchid, in full bloom, maybe attached to a gnarled piece of custard apple tree, and I wanted its roots to spread as broad as my hand and each root to be only as wide as a toothpick. I wanted the bloom to be snow-white, white as sugar, white as lather, white as teeth. I knew its shape by heart, the peaked face with the droopy mustache of petals, the albino toad with its springy legs. It would not be the biggest or the showiest or the rarest or the finest flower here, except to me, because I wanted it." -Susan Orlean, The Orchid Thief Tags:, ,

Web Update

I just discovered that I was linked to at Deceptively Simple, the blog of Mark Geelhoed, a music journalist in Chicago. He discovered my 'professional' webpage that I hadn't touched in ages, so I just updated it accordingly! Check it out here. Looking at it now, I looks a little drab and run down...perhaps I can convince the always amazing Paul Miller to make a webpage for me sometime in the future (which I would of course pay him for!!) Tags:, , ,

Classical Music is Stupid

Lets just say that when I walked into a bar tonight to meet Carrie and friends they were playing Rich Girl and I almost died. Classical music is annoying...turns out 8 Lines is actually going to be super-exciting. Its really not one of my favorite Reich pieces; I actually don't like it very much at all, which is kind of surprising since some of Reich's pieces are some of my most favorite pieces (and anyone say Tehillim). But now after two rehearsals, I am starting to become obsessed with it. Should be fun. I am really glad that I will most likely not be playing in Philharmonia again. I was reunited with one person today who I would rather not have to have been reunited with. That is enough for cryptic posts. Tags:, ,


Lamb This Week

While this may be a blatant rip-off of a similar weekly blog entry at another blog, here is a recap of important things that happened this week (at least to me). And its also an excuse to push this new supercool expression. 1. Louis Andriessen: After two concerts at Eastman featuring his music and music inspired by his composition, you can't help but love him. And I hear that he is super nice (even though I didn't get to play his music and thus didn't get to meet him...sad day). 2. Bang on a Can: You can't help but love the minimalist pop pieces inspired by the above mentioned composer. Check out works by Michael Gordon, Julia Wolfe, and David Lang. 3. Brad Lubman: He was able to throw together both Rite of Spring and Andriessen's La Passione in only two weeks, and both sounded really good (not that I was playing in either of them...oh wait, I was.) Its no wonder they say, "All Hail Brad Lubman" (and he has even been known to read this blog from time to time...so I'm not sucking up to him or anything...) 4. Sasha Cohen/Irina Slutskaya/Shizuka Arakawa: The leading ladies of figure skating. Lots of hype for a Russian sweep that didn't happen, lots of hype for an American upset that didn't happen. Japan silently sneaks in and takes gold. 5. Geeta Abad and Boston: Don't you love it when you meet up with an old friend you haven't seen for a long time and really have an amazing time in a really amazing city? Thought so. NOT-Lamb? New England Conservatory and Paul Katz. Grungy and nasty school combined with a VERY tacky encounter makes for a not good experience. Tags:, , , , ,,


{Insert Japanese National Anthem}

In a surprise win Shizuka Arakawa won the gold in the Ladies Free Skate tonight. While her program wasn't thrilling, it was the only flawless one, and it put her FAR ahead of the other competitors. I should be happy that Sasha Cohen came in second, but lets be honest, she deserved nothing. Maybe her skating is fluid and artistic (in my opinion the most artistic of those who skated tonight) but tonight was not a shining performance. She fell too much and too hard. Too bad for Slutskaya, she was robbed of the silver. But whatever the result, it made for an exciting night of skating...see you in four years! Tags:, , , ,


I would like to bring your attention to an amazing photoblog:Ferocious Cheese. I first discovered this blog via ModFab where everybody was drooling over this photo. Turns out the photographer is the brother of an old cello friend that I played in youth orchestra with! Small world I guess. His links are now contained in the sidebar under Life Conscious. Check it out...you'll love it. Tags:, ,

TMC is Official

I finally got my letter from Tanglewood, so I can forget any fears of being accidentally told I was accepted. I was kind of half expecting to get a call from them saying, "Sorry, we meant to call David Gerskin, you weren't actually accepted, sorry for the confusion." But all will be official once I send in the official acceptance letter (along with $200 of course). I have been spending a lot of time looking at the line-up of concerts which will be very exciting. Me and Heather are already salivating about "Film Night At Tanglewood" featuring John Williams, Yo-Yo Ma, James Earl Jones, and Star Wars. I can see us flipping out already. It was almost too much to deal with when I called Heather last year and she was sitting backstage while John Williams conducted Star Wars with the Pops. Omg. Also very excited about the concert staging of Elektra which will feature tons of huge name singers and James Levine as conductor. I want to know what chamber music I will be playing. Guess I'll have to wait for a while before I find that out. I heard that me and Heather are playing Brahms Double with the BSO. Well, maybe not. Tags: , , ,

More Auditions

Upcoming: Audition at Rice University. Upcoming even sooner: Practice. Thank you. Tags:, ,


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Concert and Lisa

Concerts: Rite of Spring was a huge success. I'm so happy that I was able to play in it and it was soooo fun. It was probably my last concert with Philharmonia, so that was kind of sad, and it was also my last concert on the Eastman Theatre stage (whatever that means). At least it was good and it was one of my favorite pieces...good way to go out! Andriessen's La Passione is an interesting piece. I seem to be the only person who didn't really like it...there were some very good sections, but over all it didn't do it for me. The singer was VERY interesting though...she was very passionate about the music (or at least appeared to be to the audience!). Of course it was well played...especially the very high and exposed oboe duet! Movies: Watched Happy Endings. This movie deserved much better than it got from me. I watched it bit by bit over the span of two weeks. Perhaps over the summer I will give it a proper viewing. I would have never even known about this movie had it not been for Nathaniel. I can't believe that Lisa Kudrow didn't get any notice for this role. I think it may have been my favorite performance of the year (passing Felicity in Transamerica). She was able to completely make us forget about a character that she played for ten years (on Friends) and become completely new...and give a fully realized and thoughtful performance. That is a pretty huge feat. Go her. And see the movie, its really good. Tags:, , ,
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Three Words

I Heart Sasha. She skated best, she got the best scores. Good luck in the long program. As for the real world: CCE recorded the Ply tonight at Christ Church. Editing was used as well as a conductor (which helped but we didn't need for many portions of the piece). We played the third movement and were like, "Ha! See? We can actually play as a string quartet!" Rite Of Spring tomorrow night: Eastman Theatre. Brad Lubman conducts. Louis Andriessen is guest composer. DONT MISS IT. Tags:, , ,
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Sucks For You

I think that the Musica Nova concert tonight was one of my all time favorite concerts here at Eastman (up there with the likes of the CCE Brahms concert and the Ossia concert with Ligeti and Strauss). For all of you who missed it, sucks for you. You missed tons of loud amplified minimal Bang On A Can pop-fest fun. It had to be one of the largest crowds I have seen at a Musica Nova concert. Tons of fun was had by all...wish we could do it again! I think that the Wolfe went better than it ever had before, and I definitely broke roughly 17 trillion bow hairs. And Dave and Elinor were both there, that was nice of them to come! Tomorrow is a long and busy day and I'm really scared of it. By 10pm we will most likely have finished recording to Ply...but that is a long time from now. NEC audition was acceptable, not good, but acceptable. Kind of seemed like a waste of time, especially since I don't really have any interest in going there...but who knows. We'll see what happens.


MUSICA NOVA: ALL AMPLIFIED 8PM KILBOURN HALL Michael Gordon: Weather 1 Julia Wolfe: Lick (performed by yours truly) David Lang: Cheating, Lying Stealing Andriessen: Worker's Union (with Louis in the audience himself!)


Audition Journal: Boston

I officially got sick of writing entries in the form of a time-list, so here is a normal one. Boston is fun. It is fun to visit with Heather Wittels and I will be seeing her this summer at Tanglewood! Yay! Her parents are sooo nice (I have my own room here with this amazing inflatable sofa-bed...so comfortable). Tomorrow I need to seriously find a gift for them. Highlight of the trip so far: seeing Geeta!! We had tons of fun tonight remembering old Ravinia stories (mainly about how she basically killed Cam) and just being goofy in general. She has a super cute apartment with an amazing location and is living it up to the fullest in Boston! Me and Sunny went out for a beer to the Boston Conservatory hangout: Woody's. I wish Eastman had a nice little bar really close to the school that we could all hang out at...we have to walk all the way to the Toad for a nice place to sit and chat. Hmmm... I checked in with the other Heather (Braun) and it sounds like things went well for her at her auditions! Too bad we didn't meet up, but I'm sure we will be seeing tons of each other in the future (especially in the next few days recording the Ply...omg=so scared). Wish me luck on my audition tomorrow...I'm not terrible nervous or anything, so that probably guarantees that I will be beyond horrendous at 4:12. Me and sunny plan on going to H+M afterwards!

Audition Journal: Day Two Cont...

4:30am. David arrives at Rochester airport after driving through scary windy snow-blown highways. Rochester airport is waaaaay too crowded for a Saturday morning at 4:30am. 6:00am. David's plane leaves Rochester. 7:30am. David arrives at JFK. The terminal appears to be a marketplace in a third world country. David quickly boards his next plane. 8:00am. David watches curling on the plane. 9:15am. Heather's mom picks up David at the airport. This is very nice of her. 10:00am. David chats with Heather W, takes a nap and a shower. 12:00pm. David practices and will meet Sunny and Geeta later.

Audition Journal: Day 2

11:40pm. (approx) David realizes as he is getting into bed that he has no money for the cab. He gets dressed, walks to the ATM, finds that the door is locked, then proceeds to Matthew's. For some reason he thinks its a good idea to walk down a back street and an alley to get back to his apartment, but luckily he doesn't run into any trouble. 3:00am. David's alarms start to go off. He reluctantly wakes up. 4:30am. David calls a cab and is off to the airport.


Audition Journal: Day 1

5:00pm. (approx) Philharmonia finishes rehearsing Rite of Spring. David Picks up dry cleaning. 8:00pm. Lauren Radnofsky gives an amazing recital featuring solo cello + electronics. "Very Badly Performed" receives great reviews. Brad Lubman's piece is a success. Brian Sanders loves the distortion in Michael Gordon's "Industry." 9:30pm. (approx) David Sara and Kimberly are bored by ice dancers skating to the same music over and over again. 10:59pm. David realizes that his cello is still in his locker at school. He also realizes that the school closes at 11pm. He then realizes that the school does open until after his flight leaves tomorrow morning. David then sprints to school to get his cello while people are still leaving. 11:20pm. (approx) David attempts to go to sleep and dreads waking up at 3:30am for his flight to Boston.

Official Plans

Last night, Kimberly, Sara and I purchased tickets to attend a George Clinton concert in New Jersey during spring break. It will be a crazy couple of days...Monday through Thursday will be spent in NYC auditioning at Juilliard and Mannes for grad school, Friday is back to Rochester for a Musica Nova concert featuring Reich's Eight Lines and works by Annie Gosfield (with the composer in the audience!), then, the next day its down to Jersey for George Clinton (the subject for the final paper of our Music History class) then over to Diane's the next day for he 50th birthday celebration, the following day will be spent in NYC (probably going to H&M) and then it will be back to Rochester so me and Tatiana can rehearse for at least 37 hours a day to be ready for my senior recital 1 week later. Should be tiring/exhilarating/exciting/draining. Can't wait.


Sad Day

Johnny Weir walked away with no medal...but to make it even sadder, he didn't deserve one. He wimped out on lots of his jumps and was pretty boring overall...Pleshenko was technically REALLY good, but his routine was only jumps and arm movements WITH NOTHING ELSE AT ALL...stunning by boring. It was VERY obvious he was going to win...he scored an amazingly high score, nobody else had a chance. I guess I'll just wait for Johnny's big win at the next winter Olympics in four years...it's in Vancouver, so I'll be able to meet him in person. Audition coming this weekend in Boston! Should be fun and exciting. I don't really want to go to school there, but I am anyway because of PEER PRESSURE...all the cool people are doing it. Its so lamb. Even the Harajuku Girls. Can I have these?


Anna Reguero is writing for New Music Box...a new music blog that I should be reading much more than I already do! Check it out here.

Netflix=not good right now

Is it a bad sign when Netflix sends me a movie that is somewhere around 23 in my queue because everything in front of it is not available for some reason? And Java's has Toasted Almond today and its amazing. Men's figure skating returns tonight...I hope Johnny wins.



Next week there are lots of very very interesting concerts happening at Eastman! You may have heard that the composer, Louis Andriessen, will be visiting the school. There are two concerts featuring his pieces. First: MONDAY AT 8PM KILBOURN HALL...an all amplified concert featuring Lick by Julia Wolfe, Weather 1 by Michael Gordon, Worker's Union by Andriessen, and cheating, lying, stealing by David Lang. I'm just playing in the Wolfe, but its really fun and loud so you should come. Everything is conducted by Brad Lubman. Second: WEDNESDAY AT 8PM EASTMAN THEATRE...a large piece by Andriessen called La Passione as well as Rite of Spring by Stravinksy...should be really fun...Brad Conducts again. for more info go here...I expect you ALL to be there...no excuses...at all...

New Stuff

You may have noticed a few changes around here...I added all sorts of cute little buttons in the sidebar, which means nothing to most of you...and I'm probably getting waaaaay ahead of myself, since not very many people even read this blog! But if you use a news read (or whatever they are called) you can now easily add my feed to your reader! And what about the new picture frame thing...good or bad? I'm thinking its time to change the picture on top...maybe something a little more OhMyTrill...anyone want to help?


That is so Lamb

The results are in: most of the male figure skaters suck...but Johnny Weir is my new favorite. He is placed second after the short program, and was by far the best of the people I saw (which is minus Pleshenko, he skated before I could start watching). I really hope that he pulls out an amazing program and wins...and he has a blog (which hasn't really been updated) but nonetheless, you should read it. And Hedwig and the Angry Inch is one of his favorite movies...nuff said. Kimberly Sarah and I and waaaay too much fun watching tonight. We have to do it again soon.


Alison gave me a recording of the new Sweeney Todd currently on Broadway. Sweeney Todd is easily my favorite musical and I have grown to love the recording with the NY Phil and Patti Lupone/George Hearn. Patti Lupone sticks around for the new production where characters double as the orchestra...a newish trend (I think). At first these strange reductions (which are mostly piano) seemed empty, but after hearing more of it, it does kind of work. The show has been re-imagined as a continuous piece that just flows from beginning to end. While the singing and playing is at a MUCH higher level on the NY Phil recording, I really want to see this show. I have only heard raves about it...maybe I should look into next time I'm in NYC...

Large News

I got a call from the Tanglewood Music Center yesterday and it turns out that I was accepted for this summer!!! That means that I will be parading around Lennox, MA with the likes of Heather Braun, Norman Fischer, and of course Yo-Yo Ma...well, I think he comes for like 1 one day or something. And to top it off, they are playing almost exclusively contemporary music (because of the James Levine influence) so that will be very exciting!I can't wait!


Indestructible Knee of Zhang

The Russians may have won, but the stand out superstars of the evening in pairs skating were definitely Zhang and Zhang. The fall was spectacular, and when she was practically carried off the ice we thought it was over...but she got a second wind and they did the program again...and she nailed all of the jumps and throws and the pair now has a silver medal. It was kind of shocking. Talk about Olympic Drama. Looks like Chinese dominance in pairs skating is starting to creep in...the Russians got gold, but China took 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. And with a performance like Zhang and Zhang gave, they deserve it. And snowboarding is boring...but its fun to pretend to know what you are talking about and critique random details.

Word Cloud

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Westerns and Pairs

I think that I am finally learning how to watch Western movies. As most of you know, I really disliked the first few that we watched (Hell's Hinges and Stagecoach) and started to warm up a tiny bit with Red River...but {gulp} I actually liked Winchester '73?!?!?!? How could this be? Let's just say that I am currently writing my midterm (which focuses on one scene that you must analyze) and I'm actually enjoying writing it. It surprises me too. But more importantly, I need to finish it this morning so that I can watch the pairs figure skating tonight without feeling guilty. Check out this to see clips of Sarah Hughes winning the gold as well as revisiting the Pairs Scandal from last year. Now I need to go to the library to see a clip from Red River...


New Blog

Announcing Alma and Me...a new blog written by the one and only: My Mom!!! She plans on updating everyday, so be sure to check in and see what she has to say! The link to her blog will be living in the sidebar at the left under Life Conscious.

One Question:

How can the Ying Quartet program such a good piece (by Tod Machover) and then follow it up with such a huge steaming pile of shit (by Patrick Zimmerli). I wanted to hurt myself during the performance...the piece was that bad...more later.


Is there something wrong with you if you huddle on a couch with two other people and hold your breath to see if Inoue and Baldwin land their throw triple axel? And this is post number 201 since I moved to blogger! Thats a lot of blogging! And in case you weren't watching...they did it!


Kari Traa is like, "shit..."

1) Free hot doughnuts from Krispy Kreme are always worthwhile. 2) This shit is bananas. 3) Its always a joy watching certain events with Heather (such as Moonstruck and Pairs Figure skating). 4) The Olympic coverage is not wonderful...women's moguls were exciting...luge was fun...pairs was good as always...but ever single competitor in men's really really long speed skating? What were they thinking? 5) CCE rehearsed at Java's. 6) The woman from last night was nowhere to be found in the Olympic coverage today. 7) CD exchange with Kimberly...aquired more Madonna...she got something else. 8) B-A-N-A-N-A-S


So I was just walking back to my apartment from school and I was talking on the phone and I slipped and fell on my back. It was kind of embarrassing...and I told my mom on the phone and she was like, "so?" and just kept talking. I hope that nobody saw me...but I'm sure they probably did.

Love the Ladies

Watching the Olympic opening ceremonies was an interesting event. Its a huge super production, but it really makes no sense at all...but whatever. Did anyone else notice the woman at the very end commenting to Bob Costas in a very low voice how much she loved all the women? Um, I really shouldn't go there...but...no...{cough}...Les...{cough}... Did I mention that pairs skating starts tomorrow?


Audition #1 Complete

My audition was sooo intense. They heard the entire Bach prelude, most of the first movement of Ligeti, the entire second movement of Ligeti as well as the first page of the Dvorak. I think I actually played fine...Ligeti was not very good, but was much better than it has been before, so I'm on the right track! My aural skills interview was hilarious. You try sight singing and playing piano etc when you haven't done any of it for trillions of years...I asked the person if I should just leave at one point and she said that I should really keep going...so there must be some really bad applicants out there. And I can't believe I forgot to say that Sara's recital was completely amazing. She looked gorgeous and sounded gorgeous too! Yay Sara!!

Audition insanity

There are really no practice rooms at all. Not a single one. Heather kicked somebody out of one and then gave it to another auditonee even though her audition is in less than an hour. But she did manage to find one somehow. I have to go to a mysterious meeting for a "graduate award" that I'm kind of scared of...it may or may not be an aural skills test...that would be interesting. Send me good vibes at 2:15!


Eastman Audition

Tomorrow is the first day of many. Me and Heather will meet at 8:45 and proceed to Kilbourn Hall with all the other auditonees, it will be kind of fun. I think tomorrow is supposed to be a rather large audition day, so that will be interesting. It turns out that my auditions are kind of in order of importance...Eastman first, which is perfect: great way to try out all of my audition rep and get instant feedback from people I know. NEC is next...I really don't want to go there. Then Rice, which I have kind of lost interest in, but once really loved. Then the big one: Juilliard. I have a month to build up to it...I hope it goes well. I'm kind of nervous for it already. Then Mannes at the very end...a nice little wind down to the insanity. But whatever...tomorrow is the first of many...wish me (and Heather) good luck!

Not cool enough...

Over at ModFab there is a race going on to pick the next big thing...the FabSix...I just submitted my votes (some of my favorite bloggers have been nominated). You will not find any mention of me however, since I didn't even submit my name. Since I am only involved in pop-culture from time to time I didn't think it would be necessary to enter my name in the pool...but perhaps they would want the opinion of a hip music trendsetter? How about the student of a grammy winner? A New York wannabe? Ok...I haven't even seen Project Runway before, who am I kidding? Did I mention that my cello teacher is a grammy winner? But seriously, you should check out some of the links in my sidebar, cause they are fun to read from time to time.



Congratulations to the Ying Quartet who won the Grammy for best cross-over album today! Now I can say that I study with a Grammy winner! They were all in LA for the ceremony and me and Kimberly looked for them on TV, but they were most likely sitting way in the back. They were one of the many awards announced in the afternoon...the only mention of them was a little message that scrolled across on the bottom of the screen informing people about 'other winners.' Rite of Spring went much better today...Brad mentioned something about a version of the final section of the piece (switching from 2/16 to 3/16 etc...) all written out in 4...so why not rewrite a Mozart symphony in 5/8??? Hilarious... First audition is coming soon... Good luck to Sara on her recital tomorrow!! I'm sure she will astound and amaze everyone with her super violin skills!


Does anybody know anything about Blockbuster.com??? I'm thinking about switching...Netflix has not been so good to me lately: movies are taking longer and longer to show up and most of the movies that I want to see are on "Long Wait" or "short wait" and never seem to get sent, then when they do, they take forever...Blockbuster seems to have the same selection, plus you get 4 free rentals a month from a blockbuster store...Seems like a pretty good deal to me since its the same price as netflix...what do you think?

Twin Peaks!

Brian Wins!! I still have to decide what his prize is...


{Insert new tradition here}

Ice cream is good. Practice is going ok...wish I could play with less tension...could I be trying too hard to get rid of it and by doing so causing even more tension? I need to free myself! Ack! Rite of Spring returns tomorrow...I really need to pay a visit to the admissions office to discuss a few items such as the fact that they are missing a recommendation and my transcripts. And I want to see if I can make my audition so its not during Phil since I will be missing one of the Saturday rehearsals and I'd rather not have to miss another. Let audition mayhem begin!

Name that tune!

e-----d-f-e-d-c- e-----d-f-e-d-c-b---a---g---f---a-flat.......
[C]........................[a]........................[F]................[d].......................... Name the piece and win a prize!



Rite of Spring=so fun! Rehearsal went better than I expected it to...need to work on my part soooo much! I think that Birtwistle basically taught me how to count!

An entire Bach suite?

I really want to practice right now, however; not one single room in all of the Eastman School is open...there are several reasons for this great urge: #1...I have my first audition (here at Eastman) on Friday. #2...I think that I need to learn an entire Bach Suite for the NEC audition in 2 weeks...is this true??? Ack!!! NEC auditionees please let me know! #3...Today is the first rehearsal of Rite of Spring and I really should know what I'm doing since I'm sitting in front...think I'm going to drag that out for Kathy... #4...I have a lesson with Kathy...right now... #5...gone


Lower Your Voice

Kimberly and I left the Superbowl Party early and ended up getting a private showing of Transamerica at the little. The entire theatre was pretty abandoned...when we came in they had to tell the guy what movie so he could go up and get it ready. Main thing to love about this movie: Felicity Huffman...I will admit that I am a bit biased (since she is actually Lynette from Desperate Housewives) but she is so fun and quirky and lovable in this movie...Definitely my pick of the Best Actress noms...I know some see Reese as the chance to break the deglam trend, but Felicity's performance does actually warrant a win (sometimes deglam perfs are actually good: Charlize in Monster...sometimes deglam perfs are really bad Swank in Million Dollar Baby). I understand the need to end awarding actresses for dressing down, but can't we just end the streak next year? It would be so nice to let Felicity have her Oscar, its probably her one and only chance. The movie wasn't my favorite thing ever...ended up being a bit draggy in a few places, but all in all it is VERY fun and VERY entertaining and Felicity is a joy...still can't stop laughing about the one dollar bail "I can't possibly afford that..."

A List

1. Martinis at Lola are fun. 2. NYC is a lot more exciting than The Cha. 3. I have finally bought all of my audition plane tickets. 4. I fly to Boston very early in the morning. 5. Yuck. 6. Tanglewood audition went well, but not amazing. 7. The Ply quartet is hard. 8. My first audition is this Friday here at Eastman. 9. I though m Dvorak was really bad at the TMC audition, but N Fischer said it was good. 10. They asked for Beethoven 4. 11. They also asked for Audition Masterpiece. 12. Johanna (Kimberly's friend) is very fun. 13. Cher's daughter works at a diner on Monroe. 14. I have music ADD. 15. I shocked the TMC audition people with a loud Bartok pizz. 16. Look at the new Flickr pictures (above). 17. Rite of Spring starts on Monday! 18. Dawn has a cute apartment with lots of dogs/people and a cat. 19. I Heart NYC. 20. Capote is a really really good movie...although some people wouldn't like to use terms like amazing or impressive.


I'm a musician too

Youth Orchestra of the Americas audition went MUCH better than I expected...tension was MUCH better at the audition than when I practiced. All the excerpts were acceptable and definietly NOT perfect so we will see how it turns out. I didn't do the application and the woman handed me one and was like "you can turn it in later today." Much to my surprise there was an ESSAY...ugh...just dashed that one off in about 5 minutes...oops... And I totally offended the lady...at the end of the audition I commented that I had never done an audition only for a camera before...her response: "I'm a musician too!" Its time for NYC! Wish me luck at Tanglewood!



I think that I need to officially declare this a very bad year for movies. Aside from the genius that is Brokeback Mountain, I can't think of one movie that has really made a huge impact on me. And not only are there a lack of non-impact films, there is a plethora of trash. #1: Munich...a jolly romp around Europe featuring Israelis trying to take revenge on some terrorists. #2: Crash...I'd rather stab myself in the eyes with a spoon over and over again than watch this movie. Watching Crash was a painful experience...I had my doubts before watching it...I saw 20 mins of it yesterday and was not impressed...I just finished it off. I have to say, that at the end, when the music started up I literally had to hold my right hand down, because if I hadn't, I would have been slapping myself in the face...it was really that bad. Focusing on race relations the movie features several groups of people all having their own racist issues and troubles...their stories cross paths in various ways usually coming together at a "crash moment." The movie doesn't really seem to know where its going and ends up not really going anywhere, it is content just to acknowledge that racism is a problem and doesn't really do anything but that. The cast is huge and full of movie stars (many of which seem to be trying to rescue their careers) and none of them give a real stand-out performance...but how could they? The writing is so terrible that none of them really had anything to work with...STAY AWAY FROM CRASH...IT IS A HUGE WASTE OF YOUR TIME... In other news: I have my first audition of the season tomorrow for Youth Orchestra of the Americas...I am not expecting much from it since I have to play Mendelssohn Scherzo (easily my worst excerpt) but if nothing else, it will be good audition prep for Tanglewood on Friday...Tomorrow also marks my first New York trip of the semester...and I'll be staying with Dawn! Wish me luck in all my auditions in the next two days...and good luck to Paul on his recital...and good luck to Sunny on her Phil Concert! I'm missing so much while I'm gone!! But no worries...I'll be here for the party on Friday night when I get back!!


Sometimes I wonder why I even try...


This is 'interesting'. Don't like some of the comments at the end...barf.