Now that I'm done with my recital, I suddenly have time to do so many things! But am I doing anything that I need to be doing? I should write a paper for film...but I have some time tomorrow morning before class to do that. And I could do listening for Music History, but I have a two hour break in the middle of that day for that. So instead I watched disc one of season 3 of Sex and the City. At this rate I'll finish the series in two weeks! (well, maybe a bit more) I think Brian and I have several TV show projects coming: Queer as Folk and Twin Peaks among them. And don't forget about Desperate Housewives, which I will be watching very shortly. Tomorrow CCE will perform Penderecki's String Quartet No. 2 on an Ossia concert at 8:00pm in Christ Church. Be there. And check out photos from last night's recital (in my flickr at the top of the page) courtesy of my parents and Gerry! Thanks to everyone for coming!

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