Shameless Concert Plug

Here they are... Tuesday (2nd) 7:00pm...CCE performs Penderecki's String Quartet No. 2 in Ciminelli Lounge Wednesday (3rd) 7:00pm...members of CCE + Mary Counts + others perform Three Sad Songs on Jake Bancks composition recital in Christ Church Thursday (4th) 7:30pm...members of CCE + others perform Mozart's Oboe Quartet on Caitlin Broms-Jacobs' senior recital in Christ Church Friday (5th) 8:00pm...CCE performs Penderecki's String Quartet No. 2, David Plylar's String Quartet, Jairo Duarte Lopez's Movimiento para Solo Cello, and maybe even something else at Rochester Contemporary Saturday (6th) 3:30pm...CCE + friends perform Weber's Clarinet Quintet on Samantha Angelo's senior recital in Kilbourn Hall Sunday (7th) 1:30pm...CCE + friends perform Spohr's Fantaisie and Variations on a theme of Danzi on Brian Wahrlich's senior recital in Kilbourn Hall Monday (8th) 8:00pm...CCE performs Crumb's Black Angels in Kilbourn Hall as part of the final Musica Nova concert of the year Whoa...thats a lot of concerts.

In Mourning

My facebook profile has been shortened (by me). I have come to realize in recent days that it was ridiculous and selfish to have such a long profile. If you should visit it in the near future you will notice that both the interests section of the quotes section have been deleted completely. Please stand by for future updates and always remember the days of the 500+ scroll click profile. {insert moment of silence here}

Evil Dead

Around 5ish yesterday afternoon Brian received about 5 calls from a friend who had been having some bad experiences with a mouse. The mouse had apparently been poisoned and when said person attempted to remove the dead rodent, the mouse moved its head to look at her. Anybody could have been startled. When she returned to the room to finish the job, the mouse was gone. Meanwhile, another friend called me to express her hatred towards a huge bee flying around her apartment. When we arrived the bee was basically expiring in the corner, so to remove it we attached a piece of paper on the end of a broom and scooped it out the door. It did give Brian a bit of a fight, but once outside it was sitting peacefully and doing nothing. A disturbing phone call from the unfortunate mouse situation was even worse. The mouse had reappeared and decided to lie motionless on the floor. When the friend attempted to scoop the house up again, it moved its head, got up, and began to slowly crawl towards her while dragging its hind legs (and presumably making strange noises and foaming at the mouth). This would be enough to scare anybody out of their minds. When she returned the mouse was gone again. It hasn't been sighted since. RECENTLY: I just got off the phone from the most disturbing call yet. The bee is back and ready to take revenge. OMG. What is going here? A mouse resurrected twice and a bee once? What kind of power has been granted to these evil villains? Leave us alone!
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Friday Consumption

Today I read Brokeback Mountain. It was really interesting to see the story compared to the movie...they both work amazingly well: the written story is soft spoken, short, and concise...but at the same time is huge in its message and strikingly profound. I didn't really know who the characters were, but the story works anyway, because its not about who they are, but what they are together. The movie is bigger in its scope (duh) but manages to still be intimate, never abandoning what the book did for a second. A stunning short story and a brilliant adaptation. Just now I finished watching Dangerous Liaisons, a much talked about movie over at Nathaniel's Blog-a-thon today. I was simply amazed from start to finish. Its been a long time since I saw a movie this good...I am fairly confident it will become one of my all time favorites. From the stunning costumes and smart cinematography to the spectacular ensemble cast (with super performances from Glenn Close, John Malkovich, and La Pfeiffer) this movie was almost too much to deal with. Must buy now.


Check out all of the participants in the Pfeiffer Birthday Blog-a-thon, and then be sure to read my entry below! That Round-Headed Boy "Michelle Pfeiffer's Short Stuff" The Many Rantings of John on One Fine Day Cinephilia "My (Sex) Life with Michelle Pfeiffer" Movies Madness "Pfor Ever and Always" Queering the Apparatus "Ohhhhh Witchy Woman" Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man on Batman Returns Cutting Room "What Lies Within (Great Talent)" NovaSlim "Haute Poosee" six things "Six Degrees of Michelle Pfeiffer" Coffee Coffee and More Coffee on Ladyhawke Popbytes "Pfeiffer is an Amazon Woman" ModFab "Pfeiffer's Fabulous Five" Stale Popcorn Michelle and Costumes. Auteur Lust "Cinema's Own Forbidden Fruit" Sarcasm w/ Light Cream Sauce on Witches... & Tequila Sunrise Being Boring "My Sexual Awakening (in Black Vinyl)" Pfangirl "Diary of a Lapsed Pfan" Queer Beacon on Whtie Oleander Noel Vera on Batman Returns Scene Stealer Top Five Performances Mainly Movies "Susie Diamond is Forever" Nicks Flick Picks on A Thousand Acres The Gilded Moose "BREAKING: Pfeiffer Pissed" Pop on the Rocks "Pfeiffer of the Opera" Girish on The Fabulous Baker Boys


My Life Without Michelle

(imgaine this read by Meryl Streep)... If Michelle Pfeiffer was really only an actress she was still such a bewitching one that she could seduce people to pursue her year after year and mile after miserable mile. If she was a real actress I wanted to keep coming back to the cinema until I could see her. The reason was not that I love her. I don't even especially like her. What I wanted was to see this thing that Nathaniel was drawn to in such a singular and powerful way...I wanted to want her as much as Nathaniel wanted her... (...and I did...) (and now by me)... All this talk of Michelle Pfeiffer has always made me a bit uncomfortable...not because I don't like her, but because I had have somehow been able to avoid seeing any of her movies. While Nathaniel constantly gushed about her limitless amazingness and her constant absence from film screens, I could only sit quietly and subtly nod my head in agreement: I didn't know any better. I was too scared to admit the fact that she had never graced the presence of any movie screen or TV I had ever looked at, and it made me sad. What was it about this actress that had enthralled so many? I was embarrassed about my life without Michelle. I wanted to find the joy that so many others had, but for some reason I stayed away from the screen. Perhaps her onscreen persona would be too much for me to deal with? Maybe I wouldn't like her? I was content to be Pfeiferless for a while, but things started to get ridiculous and I finally viewed a Pfilm...and now I'm in love. I rented Batman Returns and I was hooked from her dramatic entrance (Honey I'm home...oh, I forgot, I'm not married.) to her yummy conclusion (Oh god... does this mean we have to start fighting now? ) She is simply ridiculous in this movie...too many bitch-kicking lines to count. But most of all, I can now comfortably view the rest of her work...and I will: her movies are lined up in my netflix queue as we speak so there will be plenty more Pfeiffer in my pfuture. Meow. ...This blog written as a participating entry in the Nathaniel's fantastic Pfeiffer Blog-a-thon. Send him some love...And my apologies to Susan Orlean for the above stolen quote.

Calming Down

This will probably be one of the last grad school posts here! Yay! I'd say its 99% sure that I will be at Eastman next year. I talked to Rice yesterday and they said that they weren't going to offer me anything right now. The catch is that everything could change after May 1st...if Eastman has enough people (I guess more than they need) then Adrian Daly can release me from my contract and Rice could possibly make an offer. And supposedly I'm the only one on the waitlist that they will offer a place to. So who knows what will happen with that. But in the meantime...Eastman is my future.


Most Disturbing News Yet

I recently tried to add some more interests to my facebook profile and received a message saying that my profile was too long as it is and they shortened the sections as needed. I quickly closed the browser window without saving changes. This is very disturbing news indeed...limited space in profiles??!?!? What will they think of next? I need to do some serious thinking about what will happen to my comfortably long profile. I will never be able to make a change to it without facebook deleting have of my interests and quotes. So in the meantime: make sure you look at it while its still glorious, because it will probably not be in its current state much longer. Gone will be the days of over 500 clicks on the scroll bar to get to the bottom of the page. {a tear}

Non-Grad School Comments

  1. The wine trip was amazing. We went to five wineries in the finger lakes: Paul made us breakfast and packed us all lunches: there are trillions of pictures (check flickr above and facebook if you can). Two bottles of wine were purchased: Dr. Frank and Hermann Wiemar. I guess if I stay here I will be able to go down there again!
  2. I saw Friends with Money with Sunny. Why would a director amass this really great cast with some of my favorites (Catherine Keener + Frances McDormand) and do nothing with them at all? It tries to be really serious, and in the end loses faith in itself. It wasn't even fun to watch. Basically: Don't waste your time.
  3. CCE Day (yesterday) was a success. We may have had some difficulties focusing, but in the end we got some things accomplished.
  4. To end CCE Day, Kimberly rented the Cher Farewell Tour and we all watched it. Its quite the production complete with a costume change for nearly every number. I think some were shocked, but it was really hilarious to watch.
  5. {read below for grad school comments}
  6. Me and Brian found subleters for the summer. Translation: $700 we didn't have before.
  7. I'm brushing up on my M. Pfeiffer watching so I an be an informed writer for Nathaniel's upcoming Blog-a-thon. Check back later this week for the big event.

It Only Gets Worse

I dropped an email to Eastman today about the latest news from Rice, like Rice asked me to. I got a huge bitchy email in response saying that there is no way they could ever let me go from Eastman because I signed a contract and yadda yadda yadda. I HATE THIS. I just sent a huge bitchy email back (against my better judgment). We'll see what happens. NO MORE TORTURE. IT NEEDS TO END.


Sometimes I Just Need to Scream

So first I don't get into the grad school that I really wanted to go to (Juilliard) and then I get wait listed at the other grad school (Rice) I would have considered going to. Then I decided to go to the back up (Mannes) and try to get more money out of them (in the meantime I accepted a place at Eastman so as not to lose it). I didn't get anymore money at Mannes so resigned myself to going to Eastman and starting making preparations to stay (ie. telling everyone and starting to accept the fact and be excited about staying in Rochester). Then Matthew Loden (admissions guy at Rice) calls me and says that a space opened up and that there is a chance it will go to me (no guarantee however) and that I need to tell Adrian Daly (admissions guy at Eastman) and have him call Rice so they can discuss some things. I guess I just have to sit back and see what happens. I wish this drama was over.



Two nights ago CCE attended Rochester's Image Movement Sound program. It consisted of a bunch of short little segments featuring some kind of video projection and some kind of music (recorded or live). I didn't care for a lot of the segments. A lot of them were too long and were very strange and confusing. We went because we had recorded the music for one of them. Called Excess, it featured our pre-recorded soundtrack (by Abby Aresty) with a pre-recorded narration with video projection and live dancing (including large amounts of ice cream and lots of wooden chairs). It sounds kind of strange, but I thought it was one of the more effective and fun to watch presentations (not that I'm biased or anything).


Guess I Should Mention This

I'm playing the Beethoven Triple Concerto with the Greece Symphony today. Its at 3:00pm. Find a poster with a photo of me resembling a sex offender and read about the details.



Last night was the final Philharmonia concert. We performed Vaughn William's Sea Symphony. I really don't like this piece at all...but it was only an hour out of my life. Now that it looks like I'm going to be staying here next year all of these "last concerts" don't seem to mean as much. What makes it really sad is that its the last time I'll be playing all of these "last concerts" with all of my friends. I can only imagine what it will be like when we finish our final CCE concert. My eyes are getting watery just thinking about it. OOC.


Grad Update.

So, right now its looking like I'll be staying here at Eastman. This is not exactly how I wanted things to turn out, but I guess they did. There really is no way that I can make Mannes work...I would be in so much debt (I would be paying it off for roughly 72 trillion years). I should probably call Fred Sherry soon...I would really really like to study with him, but I just don't think its gonna happen next year. Maybe I could drop down to NYC a few times for lessons and stuff. Eastman gave me the biggest scholarship, and Rochester has the lowest cost of living, and I do like it here, and there will be lots of stuff for me to do. The other problem is that its more of the same. But whatever, we'll find out. There is still the tiniest chance I will get into Rice. They accepted one cellist, so they are waiting back to hear from him/her...and then they will call me. Ack!

The End.

In the past month I have been working on watching every Sex and the City episode in order...last night I watched the last four. As I've said in previous posts, I think that this show is spectacular. I can't think of any other comedy series that holds such high production values and has such a strong script (better than most dramas) and such a stellar cast. I'm sad to report that the show loses it in the end. The last few episodes become Hollywood cheesefest, complete with caned mood music piano playing at the most poignant moments. The show loses its 'real' quality as Carrie is rushed off into a non-so-perfect fantasy world and the supporting characters all but disappear. Strange little side stories occur that have no real bearing on what will happen or what has happened before. The strong writing is suddenly gone. But when you think about it, having a few dud-episodes doesn't mean much for a show where every single episode was so strong. The ended doesn't change my opinion of the rest of the series, but it certainly leaves me feeling unfulfilled. In the end everyone ends up where we expected them to be, but maybe the finale would have been a bit stronger if they hadn't. Tonight the bonus disc arrives with alternate endings and deleted scenes from all the seasons. Perhaps one of the endings that they didn't choose will be the one they should have? I'll let you know.

It's Making the Rounds

Tell me the truth.



Here is the Cannes lineup. Please note that David Lynch's Inland Empire is NOT on the list. This is very distressing. It means that it is most likely not finished yet (or wasn't finished in time). I need to hear more about this movie...now we have to wait until the official release (no sneak peak reviews). Ack! I am excited to hear about Sofia Coppola's Marie-Antoinette. I love the trailer and the stills...can't wait.

Sad Day

Dean Undercofler is resigning as dean and going to be president and CEO of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Congratulations to him on the great job (he certainly deserves it) but it is very sad for Eastman, especially since they are doing this huge 7 year project that I'm sure he has had a lot to do with. Guess I took his class just in time!


Bomb's and Bagels

From my mom's blog: "My husband met up with a bomb sniffing dog yesterday at the train station.He didn't know about the dog's ability to find explosives, but it did zero in on his bagel." 'nuf said

Not Looking Good. At. All.

Choices are not looking good for grad school next year...here are the choices:
  1. Mannes...didn't come through with very much money (although they did increase the scholarship a bit)...after going there for two years I would be around $100,000 in debt, I don't think its worth it.
  2. Eastman...could make it work if I got into the OSD program (which I don't want to do...although it couldn't be that bad right?)...I'd only need a few thousand in loans (pending acceptance to OSD) and cost of living in Rochester is much lower than other places.
  3. Rice...I'm on the wait list...and I can keep waiting.
  4. Year Off...go home and work and take lessons and try it all again next year.
What do you all think?


"Life is too short...what are we doing?"



You Are Diet Coke
You are energy in its purest form. No need to complicate things with sweetness. And while people may hate your aftertaste, you are seen as a necessary evil. Your best soda match: 7 Up Stay away from: Coke

Guess This Is The Right Look

Your Blog Should Be Blue
Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere. You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant. From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.


No Doubt

How did I not see it? A few weeks ago, Kimberly introduced me to No Doubt (since I have basically missed all non-classical music ever...I'm only just discovering it). I wasn't a huge fan, but i bought Tragic Kingdom on a whim, and I'm obsessed. My favorites so far: Spiderwebs, Tragic Kingdom and of course: Don't Speak. Thanks Fim, for the introduction. (Kitty likes it too) And it doesn't hurt that Gwen Stefani is in the group...since I'm already a huge fan.

More Easter

Tonight I played in an Easter mass at St. Michael's Church. It was very fun since the group mostly consisted of our strange group of friends...I was sitting with Brian, and Kimberly and Paul were right in front of us. Congratulations to Sara for organizing it and working way overtime (singing in the choir and playing in the orchestra). The choir sounded amazing...I wish I would have heard them sing before! MERCY!


Today is Easter, so I send out a Happy Easter to all those who want it! My parents are becoming multi-holiday celebraters. Over winter break we had a combination Christmas/Hanukkah celebration. Tonight they are having a combo Easter/Passover celebration. The dinner includes brisket for the Jews and ham for the non-Jews. And there is some sort of Mexican chicken thing with broken matzo on top. The little ones (in town from Louisiana) will get to decorate eggs and make Easter baskets. Passover wine will be served. So there.
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Things to Love about Boogie Nights:

  1. All of the amazing long takes: Love the one that follows a woman as she walks into the pool, and then goes underwater with her. The opening shot is over three minutes.
  2. Julianne Moore: she stays mostly on the sidelines, but shes amazing nonetheless.
  3. The music: its a strange combo of 'period' tunes as well as strange synthesized music composed by Michael Penn. I especially love the transition at the beginning from some sort of low brass oom-pa tunes to the blazing opening disco stuff.
  4. Mark Whalberg: who proved back in 1997 that he was a real actor who was actually pretty good (something that most people discovered last year in I Heart Huckabees).
  5. The huge ensemble that includes amazing actors such as William H. Macey. I even had tolerance for PSH. I don't like the fact that Capote is ruining my hatred for him. I liked disliking him much better.
  6. The "Amber, are you my mom?" scene. How can you not love a scene including Heather Graham and Julianne Moore asking stupid questions while high on coke.


Last Concert

Last night was the very last Ossia Concert of the year, and my very last Ossia Concert ever {sob}. At least I got to play a very fun (and insane) piece with lots of people who are good and fun to play with! While I can't say Ossia has been the most organized group in existence (sorry board members) it was always a joy to play in...well, most of the time. I'm sure wherever I end up going, they will not have a group have a group like Ossia. It's kind of sad. In other news look at this. Grad school drama continues. Eastman responded and said they would not give me anymore money since my offer is significantly more than I had for undergrad. So yeah...


No more.

I don't even know what to do with myself. I talked to Adrian Daly and he won't give me an extension on my application...Translation: I need to decide by Saturday where I'm going. If I pass up Eastman, I still have Mannes, but if Mannes doesn't give me anymore money, I can't go there. That would put me nowhere. I'm very scared an confused and nervous and I don't really want to even deal with it. I've sent out calls and emails everywhere I can and nothing is happening. How come everybody else seems to have such an easy time with this?

And one more thing...

I'm beginning to get obsessed with Sean Paul...actually just Temperature. OMG.


For Heather


Tomorrow there will be a fabulous performance of Donald Martino's Notturno in Kilbourn Hall at 8pm as part of an Ossia: New Music concert. Everyone should come to see the crazy shit. Paul doubles on violin and viola, Hilary doubles on flute and alto flute, Juliet doubles on clarinet and bass clarinet, there are tons of percussion parts, and the pianist has to use some sort of percussion equipment, I'm not exactly sure whats going on over there. And I just get to hit my instrument a lot...and by a lot, I really do mean a lot. Should be super cool. Tomorrow is also a presentation given by myself and Alison on the life and works of Robert Altman. We will be showing clips of The Player (amazingly fabulous movie) and Gosford Park (amazingly long movie). Should be super cool. I think CCE should audition for this Steve Reich workshop thing. I doubt we have time. But we should at least consider it. Brad is conducting and its at Carnegie Hall. Should be super cool.


iTunes/iPod Survey

...I know that you are all bored enough to do this too... How many songs=2407, 7.9 days, 12.07 gigs Sort by song title= first: 'Til Him by Mel Brooks from the Producers Soundtrack last: Zweiter Alleluia by Arvo Part from Berliner Messe Sort by time= first: a 12 second segment from the first Ligeti String Quartet last: Also Sprach Zarathustra by Strauss Top Ten Most Played Songs= 1. Stupid Girls by P!nk 2. Everytime We Touch by Cascada 3. Strong Enough by Cher 4. Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani 5. Tehillim II by Steve Reich (performed by Ossia) 6. Believe by Cher 7. It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp by Djay and Shug (from Hustle and Flow) 8. What Are You Waiting For? by Gwen Stefani 9. Bubble Pop Electric by Gwen Stefani 10. I'd Be surprisingly Good For You by Madonna (from Evita) First song to come up on shuffle= Snow by Gustavo Santaolalla (from Brokeback Mountain) How many songs come up when you search for 'sex'= 13...but they are all sextets How many songs come up when you search for 'death'= 20...but most of them are Star Wars How many songs come up when you search for 'love'=81 How many songs come up when you search for 'you'=97
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Announcing: The Ying Quartet will perform the first movement of the Mendelssohn Octet with the Cape Cod Experiment on May 14th. OMG! Details to follow.


I'm kind of looking forward to Dreamgirls which will be coming out this year. I was introduced to this clip via Nathaniel...andI like it a lot...but it is kind of long. Enjoy.

Short is Good.

So I finally decided to let In Cold Blood go. I've been trying to get through it for several months now (after seeing Capote), and I love it, but its just not happening for some reason. I read one page really intensely and am really into it, and then I just put it down and don't touch it for weeks. In light of this I have recently purchased the following books on Amazon.
  1. The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup: My Encounters with Extraordinary People by Susan Orlean
  2. My Kind of Place: Travel Stories from a Woman Who's Been Everywhere by Susan Orlean
  3. Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx
You may notice a running theme in these books: they all are short, or consist of short stories/articles For some reason I can only deal with things that are short these days (short episodes of Sex and the City for example). This is not a good thing since I have to do a presentation on Robert Altman on Thursday (since his films are very LONG). Ugh. PS> I just walked to Blockbuster and they didn't have a single movie directed by Robert Altman...what gives?


Just got off the phone with Fred Sherry. I was like, "Too bad my Juilliard audition was a disaster." And he was like, "Well, not a disaster, but it could have been a lot better." So there you have it. But anyway, he is calling Mannes for me. So thats good.


MacBook Pro.

I've spent about 2 hours reading about the MacBook Pro. At first I was salivating over it (as you saw in serveral posts). Some are really happy with it, some really hate it. Not sure if I should be buying one or not. It doesn't have much software, but that will change soon (Finale already announced that the next version will work on the computer). What do you think...should I just get one or wait?


This blog is in serious need of a facelift. While I do love the template that Rabsteen has provided for me, I think its time to move on. I mean, his changes a few times a day, so mine can change every few months correct? The problem that I face is that I don't really know what I'm doing and I don't have a photo-editor program. I just tried to change my template, but there is so much extra stuff I've added that it was too hard to transfer it all. Help?


Only in Brockport

Ho-Ho Grand Buffet
  1. A buffet featuring Chinese food.
  2. A Christmas themed restaurant.
  3. A whorehouse/brothel of some sort.
  4. A buffet featuring only Hostess products.


Fred Sherry accepted me into his studio at Mannes...now the begging for money begins. Anybody willing to call up Mannes and tell them how amazing I am? Thanks in advance.


The Writers Guilds (West and East) have released a list of the 101 best screenplays. Its actually kind of interesting, mainly because, most of the movies actually deserve to be on it. I don't know when these organizations actually decided to award films that actually deserve to be awarded, but this is a very good step in the write (haha...get it?) direction. My Favs: #90=Sideways #77=Adaptation (should be MUCH higher) #74=Being John Malkovich #62=Moonstruck #61=The Silence of the Lambs #38=American Beauty #32=Fargo #24=Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind #7= Sunset Blvd. WTF: #97=The Searchers #68=Star Wars (an amazing movie, but the writing...no.) #28=Shakespeare in Love (well written, but so high on the list?) Its worth a glance...check it out here...what do you think?

Word of the Day

...OverBlogger... While being guilty of this in the past...the past few days are not an example of this. Usually when nothing happens, I can still manage to squeeze a blog entry out about it. Perhaps I have BlogBlock...the most dangerous disease to have as a blogger. I MUST PROVIDE YOU ALL WITH USELESS INFO! No fear...OhMyTrill will return shortly with a BlogRenaissance I'm sure.


Music News {list form}

  1. After some down time...Heather and I have become completely obsessed with the opening theme to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...a movie which has been slowly growing on me since I saw it last Thursday. What do you guys think about it?
  2. Martino's Notturno is some crazy-ass shit. The parts are almost unreadable, and on top of that, they are almost unplayable also. But its pretty darn bad-ass. Gotta love the 2nd movement with really specifically notated finger tapping on the instrument (he tells you which and how many fingers to use and where on the cello to tap). The concert is next Thursday and you should be there.
  3. Music For All is over forever. I think we had fun in our final presentation. I hate the prep, but the two performances are always kind of fun...especially with the amazing speaking skills of CCE. And presenting weird new music makes it even better.
  4. GRAD SCHOOL...see below.
  5. I didn't buy the P!nk album...I will eventually. Instead I got Daniel Powter. I can't see myself getting obsessed (don't speak too soon) but the music is def fun.


So now that I have heard every school (sort of) it's time to make some decisions. I'm starting to get advice from various musical and non-musical figures in my life. I'm starting to think that maybe its a good thing that I didn't just get into Rice, since they really don't have the programs that I am looking for....I probably wouldn't be that happy there (although I do like Norm Fischer a lot). Of the three schools I got accepted to, I am most interested in Eastman and Mannes, mainly because they have some sort of New Music thing going for them (Eastman has Brad...Mannes has Fred Sherry). I dropped an email to Mannes and another to Dean Undercofler (who thinks that I should go to Mannes!)...now I'm just waiting for Mannes to confirm Fred Sherry as my teacher, then I'll give him a call and go from there. Maybe this will work out afterall!


Bad news.

All of the sudden things are not looking so good for grad school. The director of admissions at Rice called me to say that I'm on the waiting list. Not exactly what I wanted to hear. Now I have to start begging for money from the other schools that I was accepted to, none of which gave me a good amount of money. If I don't get money I don't know what I'm going to do. I think there is a VERY good chance that I won't be able to get more money...so I might as well assume I won't be going to grad school next year. That sucks. Things were going so well for me this semester...I should have known that everything would turn sour...it always does.

Top and Bottom

Today's top story: I have finally received my very own copy of the Umbrellas of Cherbourg soundtrack. I know...its a bit on the cheesy side...but I like it. Now I can listen to it at end. The unfortunate news is that today is also the arrival of P!nk's new album. I took a listen to the samples on iTunes...wasn't horribly impressed, so I'll just get it later. Today's bottom story: Lack of a letter from Rice. Seriously people...where the hell is it?


The Truth.

I think that Carrie (who also received negative results from a school today) had a very good comment: "I guess that's what happens when we play bad auditions." Ain't it the truth?

First Rejection

I knew things were going too well...got my first rejection today from Juilliard. To be honest, I had kind of lost interest in it a little bit (it was my first choice) but there is a lot of attitude there...I probably wouldn't have been very happy. Although if I did get in, I probably would have gone anyway. It was also my worst audition, by far. It was really crappy. Whatever. Mannes didn't come through with very much money. This leaves the big question mark of Rice University. I really have no idea whats gonna happen there. I could get in...I might not. I'll probably find out tomorrow or the next day. ACK! What looked like kind of a good situation (I had gotten in to so many schools) suddenly all depends on what one school says. I want this to be over. In other news, rehearsals for Sea Symphony start today. The opening line of the chorus is, "Behold, the Sea!" I think hilarity + CCE laughing sessions will commence shortly.


Sunday Afternoon Library Blogging

I think that last nights viewing of Bring It On was a success. Such a hilarious movie. Even the Ply was impressed (I know there are haters...but why?...its just good clean fun) I'm looking forward to Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette which should prove to be completely crazy. She carries Bring It On with her super ditzy "cheerleaders are dancers gone retarded" schtick and we love her. Several things should be come apparent in the next few days...such as: where I will be going to grad school. April 1st is that day that schools have to mail by...so those final two letters will be arriving ANY DAY NOW....maybe even tomorrow. Things have gone well so far...but who knows what those two envelopes could contain! Its exciting and terrifying at the same time. The next two days are also super busy=two papers, MSQ4 gig (dinner with the president of U of R!!) beginnings of rehearsal for Ossia (crazy ass Martino), and the final appearance of CCE at a Music For All event [sob]. Rest of the week is smooth sailing. And I finally broke down and bought the entire Cascada album...its really bad (Everytime We Touch is an obvious fluke) but at least I can work out to it.


Gotta Love Him

No matter if his playing an innocent naive college boy home from school, or an eccentric special agent investigating a really strange murder, or even the perfect husband (that has problems in bed) Kyle MacLachlan is always great. You may know him from his David Lynch days (where he played a wide array of strange/disturbing characters that were somehow lovable at the same time), or you may know him from his more recent appearance in Sex and the City (where I am right now rediscovering him). as Charlotte's (not-so) perfect husband. He doesn't seem to do much (save for a few appearances in movies and TV shows from time to time)...but maybe he's just hard to cast? I'm personally looking forward to his upcoming role in David Lynch's Inland Empire...who knows what he will be doing... What do you think...love him or hate him? Any required viewing that I missed? The Zenith: Twin Peaks=Agent Dale Cooper The Classic: Blue Velvet=Jeffrey Beaumont (right) The Entertaining: Sex and the City=Trey MacDougal (above)