Life Update

  1. Recital prep is going ok...although I haven't been doing very much of it. Tomorrow I will have my first to to actually practice my sonatas rather than rehearse them with piano. I'm still not very worried though, I think everything should be fine!
  2. I will be in Kilbourn Hall tomorrow for a large number of hours. My dress plus several of Ricardo's. It should be fun.
  3. I can kind of play Ricardo's crazy cello thing. Its not amazing, buts it MUCH better than I expected to be able to play it. And it looks really crazy, so people think I'm playing it well. That helps a lot.
  4. Stupid Girls (by P!nk...duh) recently became the first thing on my iPod to get over 100 plays. Thats pretty crazy. I really need the album (release date: April 4)
  5. My mom is now planning a Mediterranean cruise. Destinations include: Rome, Venice, Sicily, and Monte Carlo. It sounds amazing to me...I've never been anywhere outside of North America (except Japan and China). And after 6pm the ship becomes formal...which means the guys have to wear Tuxes...interesting.

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