One thing: I am done with all my grad school auditions (for a recap look at the list to the left). Now its time to wait for the results. I think that most school will be mailing out those letters on April 1st, so there is still a good bit a waiting...but you just never know when one of those little guys can show up in your mailbox. In case you were wondering, the Mannes audition was actually ok. I tried to just lay low...come in not too long before and just warm up and play the audition. Bach went VERY well...Dvorak was acceptable (not amazing, but acceptable) and that was all I played. Maybe I wasn't what they were looking for...maybe that's all they needed to hear? I guess I'll be finding out in a few weeks. And Fred Sherry wasn't at the audition. So who knows what's going on with that. Mannes is a very small and slightly ghetto building...but I think its pretty good. They have good teachers. Guess we'll see what happens. Did I mention that I'm done with Grad School Auditions? NEXT PROJECT: All those in the Rochester area (and within 100,000 miles of it) are required to attend my Senior Degree Recital on March 26th at 9:00pm in Kilbourn Hall. It will be an all contemporary program (whatever that means) featuring the Debussy Cello Sonata, the Rochberg Sonata-Aria, the Ligeti Solo Sonata, and a new work by Jario Duarte Lopez (which is not yet completed...so it's gonna be REALLY new). The fabulous Tatiana Vassilieva will play the piano. I'm taking a few days off from cello...but will be hitting it hard (VERY HARD) starting next Wednesday when I rehearse with the above mentioned Tatiana EVERYDAY until the recital. That should be interesting. And I'm done with grad school auditions. PHONE NEWS: My parents bought me a new one!!!! And it has a camera!!!!!! It will be coming tomorrow around 12, at which point I will officially be part of the functioning world again. Yesterday was very strange indeed. It was kind of fun and sad at the same time to be in the middle of this huge city and know that there were people there that I could do things with and I had no way to contact them or do anything. It put me in a really strange mood. And I didn't see the movie, because me and Sunny ended up hanging out (thanks to internet at Starbucks!). Enough blogging.

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