Trio Arkansas had a successfull Little Rock debut last night...there were probably about 150 people in the audience. We played the Brahms C Major Trio and the Ravel Trio...I played a set of Beethoven Variations, and Geoff played the first movement of the Faure Violin Sonata. Not an easy program for the pianist! I was definitely feeling it at the end...my left hand was not happy about all of the trills in the last movement of Ravel!

We have a few weeks off now...starting to plan out upcoming concerts...we will be playing an all-Schubert concert sometime in May (Louis is making me learn Arpeggione! something I really should have worked on by now...so I guess its a good thing) and we'll be playing something at the Anthony Chapel at the Garvan Woodland Gardens on June 19 (piece TBD). Kimberly will be joining us for a concert the weekend after July 4th...

Now I start to get into extreme practice mode for the Utah Symphony audition in a few weeks. I did a good heavy week of practice about 2 weeks ago, so I think everything is in pretty good shape, but now I need to just keep it all at a high level.