Post Recital Updates

  1. Sex and the City is progressing nicely. I am now officially completely obsessed. Its a good thing my recital is over, because now I actually have time to be obsessed. It makes me wish I got like 8 movies at a time from netflix...I could go through it much faster. But, then I wouldn't get to enjoy it as much would I? Favorite moment that I saw today? Miranda and her brief obsession with the street sandwich. OMG.
  2. CCE pulled off Penderecki. Weird thing? I wasn't worried about it. People liked it and I think we were happy with it. Drinking Red Bull right before was a big help. I wish more people could have been there...it must have been an all time low attendance record. I'm not sure if even half of the Ossia Board showed up...and it was an Ossia concert. Hmmm...My parents really liked it a lot! Good for them!
  3. Paper season starts tomorrow. I will begin the season with a paper on 50's Westerns. God...I really want that paper to be over. You all know that I LOVE Westerns (except not at all)
  4. This blog will be celebrating entry number 300 very soon (maybe even tomorrow!). Check out my wishlist to reward me.
  5. Am I the only person who can't stand John Corbett in Sex and the City. Every time he comes onscreen I want to smash his face in with a sledge hammer.

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