One of my Netflix movies just came in from Salem, OR.

Today (and previous days also):

  1. Watched too many episodes of Grey's Anatomy (thank you Hilary). I'll say right now that the show is not my favorite, but it is very entertaining. Perhaps I will revisit ER...although I will say this: ER started out as a hospital show and became a soap opera, GA isn't pretending to be anything else...dramalicious. PS> I'm done with the first season.
  2. Korean food is amazing. Thank you Amy!
  3. I have several movies from netflix right now, but I'm not watching them because I'm afraid I won't be able to concentrate for more than 42 minutes. (for those who want to know they are The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and The Witches of Eastwick....fabulous, I know)...
  4. I watched AFI's 100 Years 100 Cheers...and PS> it was bogus. Supposedly it was a list of the most inspiring movies ever made...although several of the ones near the top were extremely depressing. I'm surprised Dancer in the Dark didn't make the list.
  5. I'm now on MySpace...so you should add me as a friend. Currently I only have one friend, and it's Nathaniel...and he doesn't even like me...so add me, please?


Tomorrow's Schedule

9:00-11:00...practice Popper #8 + Orchestra Music 11:00-11:50...Grad History Review 12:00-1:00...Aural Skills Exam 1:00-2:00...Lesson w/ Fischer 2:10-4:40...Orchestra w/ Larry 4:41...done



The seating assingments were finally emailed!! Unfortunately I'm sitting in the back for the first concert...I hope its not a trend for the rest of the year...guess I won't know until the next concert though, since they only tell you the seating concert by concert. Anyways...it should be fun...I've never played Shostakovich 15 before (or even heard it!). And I'm curious to hear how the Rice Orchestra sounds (since its supposed to be soooo amazing).



Check out this site (pandora.com)...type in your favorite song and it will tell you all the qualities you like about it and create a radio station full of songs with similar qualities. Its amazing! For Instance when I typed in Everytime We Touch by Cascada, it suggested Ready for Love (also by Cascada), Hung Up by Madonna, Blue Water by Black Rock and several other dance songs...check it out!


You're not that great Mr. Sister.

Maybe one of the best segments ever aired on television?


As you can see in the chart below, Shakira is making her move to become the most listened to song on my itunes. She has secured the number two spot...but P!nk is still holding strong with a whopping 148 plays. That song has kind of left the current listening list, so I'm sure Shakira will hold the top spot in no time. What do you think of my listening choices?

Audition Complete

So I survived my first Rice Orchestra Audition. Things went ok and I think that Mr. Fischer's tips really helped solve a bunch of things. I feel like I played Mendelssohn 4 about as well as I could have and it was the only they asked for again (Mr. Fischer was like, "maybe you can give that one another try)...oh well. Hopefully I made a good enough impression...Larry seemed very nice and said some nice things...who knows if thats just being nice to the new people though...I guess we'll know the seating for the first concert by Wednesday (since thats when rehearsals start) but for the rest of the year I have no idea if they post it all at once or just concert by concert. Its over!


  1. Queer as Folk (the entire series)...really managed to bring it all together in the end (in kind a mythical way?). The show was a bit goofy and over the top from time to time...but isn't that why we love it?
  2. Desperate Housewives (Season 2)...the two part final episode is really a knock-out. There were definitely some low points in the second season (and by low we mean torture to watch) but the show really came around in the end (nothing compared to Season 1=amazing) but season will be avidly watched.
  3. Learning excerpts for tomorrow's audition=so scared.


They're playing our song.


Audition Tomorrow

I'm getting a little bit worried about my audition tomorrow. Yesterday's lesson with Mr. Fischer was really good...he really helped a lot with letting go of tension. I even went to Target and bought a notebook to write everything down so I wouldn't forget it! I was having tons of trouble with the Ligeti, and he just told me to look up and out, and I suddenly was completely loose and basically nailed it...crazy! I've been practicing everything with my eyes closed, which seems to help for some reason, and I have my stand high (up above my head) so I won't look down when I'm playing. But anyways...wish me luck for tomorrow and send good thoughts my way at 1:50...especially if I have to play Mendelssohn 4...ack!!!!


Hilary and I just took our first trip (of many I'm sure) to Lot 8...the boutique/salon of Project Runway winner Chloe Dao! I knew she had her own store, but what I didn't know was that its in Rice Village. They have a TV that is constantly showing Project Runway. Unfortunately she doesn't make mens clothes...although she does have some (and they are pretty cute)...but they don't bear a Lot 8 tag on the inside...oh well! Now I can say that Chloe Dao asked me if I needed any help finding anything...of course in typical fashion Hilary and I were like, "ah...um...well..." I think next time I will work up the courage to ask her to take a photo! And maybe buy a Lot 8 T-shirt (that Chloe would be more than happy to autograph!)...Who knew there was so much in Houston?