Gotta Love Him

No matter if his playing an innocent naive college boy home from school, or an eccentric special agent investigating a really strange murder, or even the perfect husband (that has problems in bed) Kyle MacLachlan is always great. You may know him from his David Lynch days (where he played a wide array of strange/disturbing characters that were somehow lovable at the same time), or you may know him from his more recent appearance in Sex and the City (where I am right now rediscovering him). as Charlotte's (not-so) perfect husband. He doesn't seem to do much (save for a few appearances in movies and TV shows from time to time)...but maybe he's just hard to cast? I'm personally looking forward to his upcoming role in David Lynch's Inland Empire...who knows what he will be doing... What do you think...love him or hate him? Any required viewing that I missed? The Zenith: Twin Peaks=Agent Dale Cooper The Classic: Blue Velvet=Jeffrey Beaumont (right) The Entertaining: Sex and the City=Trey MacDougal (above)

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