A List

  1. I am back in Little Rock and have been for a few days.
  2. Symphony starts again next week...I just had a few odds and ends this week.
  3. We are playing Shosti 5 and Brahms Double Concerto. I really like both of those pieces.
  4. My quartet is working on submitting our rep list for next season.
  5. I requested Carter Quartets...I doubt we will get to play one.
  6. But we will probably be doing a late Beethoven...I've never done one before.
  7. I'm playing a gig in El Dorado, AR this weekend...that should be exciting.
  8. I got a Dr. Beat, a baking pan, the new Harry Potter book, and a GPS from my parents and a cool candle thing from Mira for Christmas/Hanukkah.
  9. I start my car with a screwdriver now.
  10. I really hope that CCE will get to go to Norfolk this summer.