While I must admit that I have not been nearly involved with Oscar this year as I have been in recent years, it is still a requirement to watch the big show. Wasn't my favorite year in the movies, but there were definitely some good ones (and great ones!). Here are my five favorite scenes of the year: 5. The Corpse Bride: Piano Solo/Duet... **In my opinion one of the most overrated movies of the year. Just a hollow remake of the fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas. However, the two scenes involving the piano were strangely touching. And how can you not love a scene involving a four-hand piano duet between a living man and his corpse bride? 4. Happy Endings: Ending sequence... **(recapping where everybody is...cut to Maggie Gylenhall randomly singing in a night club) A really interesting movie that really deserved a lot more than it got. Great performances all around...and how can you resist an unexpected ending like that? And Maggie can really sing too.3. King Kong: Anne and Kong meet each other in the streets of Manhattan... **Complete with that signature larger than life Peter Jackson cinematogrophy, the image of Naomi Watts in the street has been burned into my mind. Throw in a slow paced very long shot of the woman and ape staring at each other and you have me sold.2. Capote: "What is the name of your book?" **The culmination of the movie and all of our questions answered. Many tears were spilled (by the actors in the movie I mean.)1. Brokeback Mountain: Final phone conversation... **The scene that has stayed with me. The long close-up/reaction shot while Anne Hathaway breaks the news to Ennis. Her's is one of my favorite performances this year because of this scene (too bad her part was too small to get recognition). Listen for the tiny inward gasps as she hears things she really doesn't want to.

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paul said...

I'm rooting for Brokeback to the Future.