I'm really tired. And I'm sitting at a Starbucks...where I payed some money so I could have internet. I might go to a movie tonight. But I'm not sure. I would hang out with Sunny, but I don't have a phone...so I'm kind of by myself...its weird. I spent the afternoon just wandering around. I took the diagnostic tests for Mannes this morning. The way it works: the more you know, the more tests you have to take. So I had to do dictation for TWO HOURS. That's right, two straight hours of dictation. They ended up passing me out of aural skills (if I go there). I also got out of harmony but I would have to take counterpoint (since I've never really done it before). Was kind of annoying to do all of it though. Especially the two hours of dictation. Maybe I will go to the movie: Good Night and Good Luck. I kind of want popcorn.

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