First Time for Everything

Today marks the first time that I will attempt to finish a paper the day it is due. Normally I haven't attempted this before because the classes the papers were due for often started in the morning around 9:30 or so. Today's class doesn't happen until 6:30pm...and on top of that I already an onto the 5th page. So it seems like I don't have very much to worry about. We'll see how well I function today while working at the library...I usually can't do very much work. {insert Everytime We Touch here} I'm also going on the second day with no Sex and the City. If I have to go one more I might start to get strange withdrawal symptoms. If all goes according to plan the next two disc will be arriving tomorrow via netflix. I think I have been watching them too fast and they identified me as a frequent renter. Oops. Still haven't heard from any schools yet. Should be any day now. I hope.

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