Things to Discuss

  1. Good Night and Good Luck is a really amazing movie. Talk about just getting everything right. David Strathairn was outrageously good. Such a natural non-showy performance, which was at the same time a knockout showstopper. CRAZY. Personally my favorite performance of 2005 (sorry Heath + PSH). Can George Clooney please just keep doing more and more projects? Please? [sidenote: wasn't it hilarious seeing Ray Wise (aka Leland Palmer) in a semi-normal role?]
  2. Its is extremely nice outside. I took a very nice walk (w/ iPod)...it was just starting to rain when I got back.
  3. Everytime We Touch has become #2 on my iPod. Crazy.
  4. I heart CCE and Haydn Quartets.
  5. Sex and the City is back. And I need to watch it. And I have watched some of it. Season 3 is basically done. Season 4 starts soon. Brian has canceled his netflix queue so we can get SATC faster. So obsessed.
  6. This Tuesday marks the release of P!ink's new album. Stupid Girls quickly ascended to the top of my iPod list (where it still remains) and I expect the album to be stupendous.
  7. Grad school letters should be done soon. That means I have to decide. OMG.


I know...

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Really Finito.

The paper is done. About halfway through I stopped re-reading it cause I got bored. That can't be a good sign right? Its almost onto the 7th page, so I think things are an acceptable length. I'm just glad to be done. Good news: Netflix has shipped two Sex and the City discs that will be arriving tomorrow!


The paper is done with a word count of 1,851. Its a bit short (almost onto the 7th page) and its really horrible. Now I have to go back and fix all of it so that it makes sense with itself. But lets take a break first. Maybe I'll start at 4:30 or so. Am I overblogging?

Grad School Update: NEC

To my great surprise I got in to New England Conservatory. Really...I thought there was no possible way I was getting in...since Paul Katz gave me attitude at the audition and then completely ignored me afterwards. To my greater surprise I'm on the waiting list for his studio. Weird...I know. Its a bit strange since I'm not assigned to anybody else's studio...so I guess if I went there and didn't get into his studio, I would just get somebody else? Seems a bit fishy. But whatever...$$$ wasn't so hot...as expected (its more than Eastman, but NEC's tuition is much higher). Two more to go!

Grad School Update: Mannes

Just got an email from Mannes College saying that my acceptance is in the mail! Of course, no detailed information was contained in the email, so I'll have to wait and see what kind of $$$ they are offering and which teacher I would be studying with etc...its good news no matter what! Two down...three to go (two of which are the schools I most want to hear from!)

First Time for Everything

Today marks the first time that I will attempt to finish a paper the day it is due. Normally I haven't attempted this before because the classes the papers were due for often started in the morning around 9:30 or so. Today's class doesn't happen until 6:30pm...and on top of that I already an onto the 5th page. So it seems like I don't have very much to worry about. We'll see how well I function today while working at the library...I usually can't do very much work. {insert Everytime We Touch here} I'm also going on the second day with no Sex and the City. If I have to go one more I might start to get strange withdrawal symptoms. If all goes according to plan the next two disc will be arriving tomorrow via netflix. I think I have been watching them too fast and they identified me as a frequent renter. Oops. Still haven't heard from any schools yet. Should be any day now. I hope.

'nuf said


I can't do anything.

It's time for procrastination blogging! Thats right...I have a paper due tomorrow and I now have deep set senioritis. I've had all day...since 1pm to do this...and now its 12:00 and I only have one page. It was such a triumph to finish that page, it feels like I'm done. The topic is 1950's Westerns...I'm writing about "Super Westerns and the role of women." {snooze} I'm setting the unrealistic goal of being done by 2am...wish me luck!


Congratulations are in order...this is blog entry number 300! Thats a whole lot of blogging. Now lets work on something...since I work so hard to keep you all informed (on tons of things that you could care less about) maybe you should read my blog? Readership is at an all time low! Tell all your friends about OhMyTrill. Or you can just buy me gifts. Anyways...I'll leave you with this image:I know right? Thanks to My New Plaid Pants for the image!


Post Recital Updates

  1. Sex and the City is progressing nicely. I am now officially completely obsessed. Its a good thing my recital is over, because now I actually have time to be obsessed. It makes me wish I got like 8 movies at a time from netflix...I could go through it much faster. But, then I wouldn't get to enjoy it as much would I? Favorite moment that I saw today? Miranda and her brief obsession with the street sandwich. OMG.
  2. CCE pulled off Penderecki. Weird thing? I wasn't worried about it. People liked it and I think we were happy with it. Drinking Red Bull right before was a big help. I wish more people could have been there...it must have been an all time low attendance record. I'm not sure if even half of the Ossia Board showed up...and it was an Ossia concert. Hmmm...My parents really liked it a lot! Good for them!
  3. Paper season starts tomorrow. I will begin the season with a paper on 50's Westerns. God...I really want that paper to be over. You all know that I LOVE Westerns (except not at all)
  4. This blog will be celebrating entry number 300 very soon (maybe even tomorrow!). Check out my wishlist to reward me.
  5. Am I the only person who can't stand John Corbett in Sex and the City. Every time he comes onscreen I want to smash his face in with a sledge hammer.



Can we all agree that Desperate Housewives is dead? I ate up the first season (in about a week...watching 8 episodes a day helps) but the second is flopping around trying to be what the first was. Plot lines are messy and disappear and never develop. Everyone is kind of annoying. NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. And if it wasn't enough, they are going back to stolen baby stories (hello...that is so first season). At least Felicity Huffman is in it (although she gets barely any screen time these days). Shes needs to either get a TV show of her own, or star in another movie (perhaps one where she isn't playing a man...or woman...or whatever). {sigh} I wish the show was still good...(many believe it never was)...but now I'm just stuck in it. I have to keep watching to find out what happens, and nothing ever does. I say it dies VERY SOON. The writers don't know what to do with it anymore.


Now that I'm done with my recital, I suddenly have time to do so many things! But am I doing anything that I need to be doing? I should write a paper for film...but I have some time tomorrow morning before class to do that. And I could do listening for Music History, but I have a two hour break in the middle of that day for that. So instead I watched disc one of season 3 of Sex and the City. At this rate I'll finish the series in two weeks! (well, maybe a bit more) I think Brian and I have several TV show projects coming: Queer as Folk and Twin Peaks among them. And don't forget about Desperate Housewives, which I will be watching very shortly. Tomorrow CCE will perform Penderecki's String Quartet No. 2 on an Ossia concert at 8:00pm in Christ Church. Be there. And check out photos from last night's recital (in my flickr at the top of the page) courtesy of my parents and Gerry! Thanks to everyone for coming!

Recital Complete

Thank you to everyone who came to my recital last night! I'll post some pictures later (there will probably be tons since Gerry was there snapping away!). I was happy with how it went! And now I'm done!!! Yay!!!


Schedule of Events

  • 10:30...run spots with Tania
  • 11:30-12ish...Wegmans/lunch with parentals
  • 2:00...warm-up time
  • 3:00...the composition recital of Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon: Kilbourn Hall...featuring the talents of Heather Braun, Arthur Williford, Hilary Abigana, Kara Bancks, Oliver Hagan, Scott Perkins, Melanie and Steve, and others...lots of fun pieces to be heard (and super crazy-ass cello parts)
  • 4:30...time and food with parentals
  • 7:30...warm-up
  • 9:00pm...my senior degree recital in Kilbourn Hall featuring Tatiana Vassilieva on piano. works by Debussy, Jairo Duarte Lopez, Ligeti, and Rochberg.
  • 10:15ish...COMPLETELY DONE!!
Wish me luck!
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Last Minute Panic

So now that it's gotten to the point where I can't really do anything more to prepare for my recital, I'm a bit scared. I knew this would kind of happen. Whatever. It should be fine. Right? I'm most worried about the Ligeti, which I have been practicing slow...a lot...so I hope I will be able to play it fast tomorrow, without falling on my face. Duh. Rochberg will have mistakes. I need to accept this. Moving on... Lets be honest...Ricardo's dress (which just finished) was bad. We aren't talking shaky...we are talking shaky and sounding like crap...especially the solo cello movement. Shit. Its really scary. Other people seem to think it sounds good...but I know it doesn't. I'm just going to not worry about stuff...maybe everything will turn out just right? OMG...calm down freak.

Shameless Concert Plug

TWO RECITALS TOMORROW! Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, composer 3:00pm Kilbourn Hall Candelabra (Me, cello...Arthur Williford, piano) Piano Trio (Heather Braun, violin...Me, cello...Arthur Williford, piano) Flores del Viento (lots of people...Me, cello)=crazy ass cello part other pieces played by other people... David Gerstein, cello (Degree Recital!) 9:00pm Kilbourn Hall Tatiana Vassilieva, piano Debussy: Sonata Jairo Duarte Lopez: Movimiento for Solo Cello Ligeti: Solo Sonata Rochberg: Sonata-Aria Be There!


First Real Letter

I finally got my first official acceptance today...although it was no surprise at all (since I already knew about it). I got a real letter today from Eastman telling me that I got in! (for those of you who don't know, I already go to Eastman...so...duh). What was a surprise was the miniscule amount of money I got. That really sucks. If go to Eastman I can get the huge stipend of $672...a year. Whoa...thats a whole lot of spending money. That doesn't even pay two months of rent. (yes I know, in some places that doesn't even cover half a month of rent). Here's hoping that I get a much better offer from another school (or that I at least get accepted to another school...) Let's just say that accept/reject season hasn't gotten off to the greatest start. In other news:
  1. Recital in two days (thats on Sunday at 9pm for those who have been living under a rock. Things are going ok...not amazing. I'm a bit more worried about it, but it really should be fine. I think.
  2. Ricardo recital in two days (thats on Sunday at 3pm for those who have been living under a rock). The music is really hard...and it really sounds like that when I/we play it. Thats not so good. Come and see the insanity.
  3. Sex and the City Season 2 is complete. Most memorable line? "Who are you...Goldicocks?" Season 2 begins tomorrow. New converts: Megan + Kitty.
  4. I have finally found a tagging system that I really like. I know...blog nerd.
  5. I'm going on a cruise...see previous entry.
  6. Worried about grad school...oh wait...already said that.
  7. And I have to play in the Sea Symphony in Philharmonia. I walked by the orchestra board today and saw my name on the list and was like, "what the hell?"...Kimberly and I have decided to go to Salinger's after every rehearsal. Simple solution.


My parents and I have officially been book on a Mediterranean Cruise. Right after graduation we will have to sprint back to Chicago and then fly to Paris, then Venice. A few days in Venice, and then the cruise travels around Italy, ending in Monte Carlo. I think this is pretty exciting. I have never been to Europe...now I will! The cruise sounds very fancy (Tuxes after 6pm...hmmm) and it is a food and wine theme...with a celebrity chef and everything. OMG. Read more about it here. Guess I will only be back in Chicago for about a week this summer...whoa.


Life Update

  1. Recital prep is going ok...although I haven't been doing very much of it. Tomorrow I will have my first to to actually practice my sonatas rather than rehearse them with piano. I'm still not very worried though, I think everything should be fine!
  2. I will be in Kilbourn Hall tomorrow for a large number of hours. My dress plus several of Ricardo's. It should be fun.
  3. I can kind of play Ricardo's crazy cello thing. Its not amazing, buts it MUCH better than I expected to be able to play it. And it looks really crazy, so people think I'm playing it well. That helps a lot.
  4. Stupid Girls (by P!nk...duh) recently became the first thing on my iPod to get over 100 plays. Thats pretty crazy. I really need the album (release date: April 4)
  5. My mom is now planning a Mediterranean cruise. Destinations include: Rome, Venice, Sicily, and Monte Carlo. It sounds amazing to me...I've never been anywhere outside of North America (except Japan and China). And after 6pm the ship becomes formal...which means the guys have to wear Tuxes...interesting.

Liberty Valance

I have not really talked about most of the movies that I've had to watch for my Hollywood Westerns class, but I feel compelled to make a comment about The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. I didn't particularly like the film...I have been a fan of only one film we have seen (High Noon...which I previously hated, however, compared to other Westerns, its completly amazing). Liberty Valance really should have been a really good movie, it had everything going for it...but it just didn't work...mainly because of the lazy script and over done characters. Seems to be a problem with all of John Ford's films...I guess I like my movies to not have things they don't need...like tons of annoying/extraneous characters. And I really dislike John Wayne...I know. I'm not really sure why I wanted to mention that I didn't like Liberty Valance, maybe I just wish that Western films could be better. They really do have a lot to work with, but they either seem to be really "run-of-the-mill shoot em ups" or "look while I try to be weird and intellectual but just end up with a crowded script that drags on for almost an hour more than it should". They do tend to be really beautiful looking movies...I just wish there was more there. I really expected to come out of this class loving Westerns...it hasn't happened yet. Oh well.


Check out the link to my new ClaimID in the sidebar...its pretty nifty. And Michael Novotny is also coming to my recital (according to Facebook).


Feel like giving?

Now you can...check out my new amazon.com wishlist located in the sidebar at the left. I know you want to buy me things.



  1. Music For All somehow happened. We had only run through the presentation one time for Janet and it was seriously ghetto. We went over things about 2 seconds before we started the presentation and then somehow pulled off presenting David Plylar's crazy string quartet to a bunch of high school string students. I was definitely VERY out of it since I had been up till 3 or 4 or something and I got up at 6:30. Things were a bit hazy. It was our last Music For All presentation...kind of nice, but also very sad at the same time. While it has been VERY annoying in the past, I think CCE would agree with the fact that we had some very fun times doing Music For All.
  2. The Music History Test turned out to be REALLY easy. I think that most people would be able to pass without having ever study African American Music History. The way that the questions were presented, it would be really hard to answer them incorrectly. However, this didn't stop me from answering some of them incorrectly, but I still did very well...I believe Heather may or may not have left the score in a comment on another post...not that I'm showing off or anything. At least I know not to be too worried about the final, since Currie said that it would be the exact same format as the midterm.
  3. I took a very nice nap thank you to a canceled trio rehearsal. Thank you Arthur and Heather...I REALLY needed that.
  4. I suck ass at Ricardo's music.
  5. I rewarded myself with a short Sex and the City marathon. Disc 1 of season two is now complete. So addictive. So fun. And even Brian likes it. And he will hate me for putting that here.

Getting there.

Film paper=done Music For All=done Music history=I know nothing.
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Kimberly and I just spent over 3 hours on the listening for our midterm tomorrow and I can honestly say that every time a song plays, I don't have the faintest idea who is singing or what it is. I don't know the difference between Field Hollars and Prison Songs, or the difference between Malinke Jewliw or Gewel, or where in the world Anlo-Afiadenyigba is. And when every persons name has either John or Thompson or Johnson in it, it gets hard to remember who is who. To be honest, I think my run of good grades finally ends here. I still have hours of studying left to do and I can hardly keep my eyes open. After 8:30pm tomorrow, I will be one of the happiest people in the world. For real. After that I only need to worry about playing my recital and Ricardo's recital. And all should be smooth sailing. But before than, a minor miracle needs to happen to get me through tomorrow (Music For All, Film Class, History Test, History Test, Trio Rehearsal, Flores del Viento Rehearsal...all with one 40 minute break). OMG.

Spring News:

CCE has been invited to play in a special graduation concert that will take place the day before graduation in Kilbourn Hall. The other groups include Bean-Zerweck-Licardo Trio, Matroyshka Quartet, and the Destino Winds! I am excited for this concert and Dave said we could play the Schumann Quintet with Jonathan! Ack!! And I got a phone call from Adrian Daly today...good news!


But I still can't get over this piece. Buy this recording of it. Its really very exciting. Trust me...you'll love it. Thank you.
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Today and tomorrow are probably my two most difficult days this year. Between a coaching with Elinor and a lesson with Dave, a meeting with Jairo to get my (hopefully) completed piece, studying for my history midterm, writing a film paper on a bad movie, preparing for Music for All, doing Music For All presentation, taking the above mentioned midterm, rehearsing for two different pieces on Ricardo's recital, and probably something else I'm forgetting about. So yeah... Basically: expect lots of unnecessary blogging.
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Day=not quite done

So very tired right now...I want to go to sleep. However I really should do something worthwhile. Such as write a paper, or fill out a form, or study for a test that I have in two days. Shit. Recital stuff went very well today...played both the Rochberg and Debussy for Dave and he seemed very happy. How fast can I write a response paper on The Searchers? Hopefully in less than 15 minutes.

It Works

Its amazing what you can do when you don't have to play in orchestra. This week I have tons and tons of rehearsals everyday for various things including: My Recital, Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon's recital, and an upcoming Ossia concert. And throw in Music for All and a midterm for fun. The amazing thing is that I still somehow have free time to practice. Except Tuesday, which is living Hell (thank you Music for All) my days aren't too crowded. So yeah. Thank you Kathy Zagar for not putting me in rotation.

Special Guests

According to Facebook, both Brian Kinney and Hermione Granger will be attending my recital this week. I hope that they keep their word.

Saturday Evening

  1. The Searchers is a crap movie. I watched most of it with Alison and we were laughing our asses off...mainly since the acting was horrible and the script made no sense. WTF?
  2. Bowling with Alison/Kimberly/Bobby/Ply is fun. I got 126...not my best, but semi-acceptable.
  3. Friendly's can be really good sometimes.
  4. Rehearsal wasn't the best today. Everything sounds boring and forced. And getting through all that music on my recital day will be a bit difficult...but whatever...it should be fun.
  5. Back pain is getting better (bowling didn't help...duh).



I finished the first season of Sex and the City yesterday. I made comments on it a few days ago. It is wonderful. I don't know how they were able to make a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy so real and fascinating, but it works. Good for them.
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On Second Thought

I just did a bit a research...and I should just calm myself until April 1st...my rejections will start coming in then.

Still waiting.

I think that until I start to hear back from schools I am going to have a nervous breakdown everyday (except Sunday) during mail-time. Translation: I just started walking to school to practice, but I saw the mail truck, so I decided to go back to my apartment and wait to see if anything came. Even though the chances are very slim. Can't this be over? Oh wait...its barely even started. And what do you think of this new tag-method?


A Formal Letter

Dear Grad Schools I have applied to: Please mail me letters. I would like them to be acceptances...however, right now I would be happy to get any kind of letter, even if it is a rejection. I would like to not have to wait any longer. Thanks. -David Tags:, , ,


Isn't it weird that I always listened to only classical music until VERY recently? And now look at my top 5 most listened to tracks....I never listen to 'classical' anymore. Although I guess the above listed music isn't considered 'serious' by very many people... Who needs serious? Tags:, , , , ,

Rather Than Writing an Entry

You Are 46% Evil
You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side. Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.


Is it bad that my back...around my neck and shoulders...is starting to hurt kind of a lot? Tags:

Recital is Coming

Tania and I were able to put the rest of the Rochberg together in one rehearsal! It isn't recital-worthy...but we could play through all of it...which is better than nothing! The Debussy was also strangely intact after leaving it alone for so long...with steady rehearsal I think both pieces will be sounding fine and dandy next Sunday (not this coming Sunday...the one after). Jairo's piece is also just fine...I have two pages of it so far, and after our last meeting, lots of it got MUCH easier. Translation: he made most of the piece Molto Rubato at a slower tempo than he had originally thought. Its pretty fun to play, and after working out a few of the kinks everything should be fine! And I just sent my Facebook recital invitations...so you should have received one...I had to make it in two separate batches to invite all of my facebook friends (kind of stupid I know) but whatever...hope you all can come. Now I have to start learning all of African-American Music History because I have a midterm on it this Tuesday...should be interesting. Ugh...


It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp

Let's be honest...Hustle and Flow really started out as a great movie...and then they fucked up BIG time. I think somewhere around the time that Terrance Howard ran back to give his wife (or whatever) a huge romantic kiss accompanied by a huge swell in the music the movie took a huge nose-dive. After that we got all sorts of things including a shoot-out, jail scenes, and a gag-worthy Hallmark ending. What happened? It was so great for most of the movie...why resort to all of the same Hollywood cliches? Definitely check out Hustle and Flow for a superb performance by Terrance Howard (Oscar nom worthy, but not deserving of a win...which he didn't get...) and a really tight and interesting script (until the above mentioned scene). Wish they hadn't thrown this movie in the garbage...it really could have been something. And that song really deserved the Oscar. If I had seen this movie prior to the big night I would have been rooting for it rather than Dolly (although I still like that song a lot). Add it to the song obsession list... What did you think? Is Hustle and Flow overlooked? Or does it deserve to be?

I think I answered a question wrong...

You scored as Theater. You should be a Theater major! Like a bohemian actress, you are seasoned and confident and not afraid to express yourself!




























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3) created with QuizFarm.com

Comment on Movies (very brief)

#1: Failure to Launch...I wasn't expecting much, and I didn't get much. Boring acting and a horrible script. I think romantic comedies are usually a bit more entertaining than this one. Don't waste you time. #2: Mommie Dearest...wanted to love it, got kind of bored. You do have to love the wire hanger scene though...classic. I find it hard to write about movies that I am indifferent about.


Back For Good

So the grand tour of Eastern States (plus Texas) is over. The grand finale happened this weekend with the New Jersey/New York last hurrah. I will now be in Rochester for the rest of the semester. I have an invitation to Florida, but I don't think I can afford it...and by that time I will be really happy to just sit in a room and stare at the wall and not have to do anything (omg...I can't wait). Right now I'm catching up on very important things: #1...the first disc of Sex and the City is complete=such a great show. Everything about it is just so solid, most noticeably the writing...so smart and conscious. And not to mention a super-amazing cast. I find that usually the ringleader/"star" of an ensemble cast is very hard to like and I usually end up falling for a supporting character, but Sarah Jessica Parker really is the star of this show: she is real and comfortable...hard to find in a TV show. Can't wait for the next disc. #2...The latest episode of Desperate Housewives. I must admit I have been rapidly losing faith in this show. The first season was completely addictive (in a really 'not ok' kind of way) but the second season is really kind of embarrassing. I keep watching because I have to...I really don't think the show will be around much longer. It needs serious help...its dying FAST. SCHOOL RANT: I want to know where I'm going to school next year. Its kind of weird that right now I have now idea where I'm going to end up...I really don't care about NEC...but I could really see myself ending up at any of the four other schools I applied to (Eastman, Rice, Juilliard, Mannes). Hopefully my dismal Juilliard audition will get a boost from a kind word provided by the one and only Brad Lubman...I should start hearing from school any day now...NYC schools will be mailing April 1st...Eastman and Rice could be in the mailbox anytime. OMG. Work starts hardcore this week. It will be a lot to do...but I'm looking forward to it. At least I really DO want to do everything I have lined up in the next two weeks. BEWARE: recital advertising starts in full swing tomorrow. Expect postcards. Expect Facebook invitations. You have already received a Friendster invite. You will see posters. You will be at the recital. New obsession: P!nk=Stupid Girls. Thats all.


  1. Soho
  2. China Town
  3. Lower East Side
  4. H+M
  5. Lots of walking
  6. Failure to Launch
  7. Stupid Girls
  8. Strange iPod games
  9. even more walking
  10. food


The Facts:

  1. I survived Geroge Clinton even though it was really really really loud and I didn't have earplugs.
  2. The hotel room in New Jersey was pretty nice and we were really tired after the concert.
  3. I peeled carrots for Diane's party for a really really really long time and then Diane didn't put them out.
  4. We worked for Diane and ended up spending over 8 hours in her apartment (including the party).
  5. We didn't know where we were staying and we are now in this random girls apartment who is a student of Diane's. She had an extra room and said it was ok to stay there!
  6. Tomorrow is a free day in NYC...should be fun.


Bad Traffic

Me, Sara and Kimberly just spent over an hour driving back and forth on one street in New Jersey. It turned out that we had to do some really really strange U-turn and go backwards on the street we were on to get to the hotel. Whatever. We are here and we are going to see George Clinton in a little bit. Yay.

The Future:

  1. George Clinton
  2. New Jersey
  3. 50th Bday party
  4. New York City...again
  5. lots of time in the car



I have a phone now. You can call me. Thank you.

Things that need to be done

  1. Learn to like the Sopranos (I have seen about 5 episodes and didn't understand it...but maybe I was just being stupid?)
  2. Finish the 4th season of Six Feet Under so I can move on to the 5th when it is released...I can hardly wait for the end, since it has been hailed as one of the greatest endings ever to a TV show.
  3. See Hustle and Flow, Good Night and Good Luck, and Walk the Line so I can accurately complete my 2005 movie list (although it is VERY overdue)
  4. Start obsessing about my soon to be favorite movies of 2006: For Your Consideration, Manderlay, A Prairie Home Companion, and of course INLAND EMPIRE (I am drooling thinking about that one...omg)
  5. Music stuff like my recital and Ricardo's recital.
  6. Watch the complete Sex and the City and X-Files.
  7. Did I mention Inland Empire?!?!?!?!? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.


MUSICA NOVA MUSICA NOVA MUSICA NOVA 8:OOPM...KILBOURN HALL! BRAD LUBMAN: Conductor Reich: 8 Lines Works by Annie Gosfield and Varese Guest composer: Annie Gosfield BE THERE BE THERE BE THERE


How can you not love a movie/miniseries that has a scene like this: If you haven't seen Angels in America...do yourself a favor and see it now.



One thing: I am done with all my grad school auditions (for a recap look at the list to the left). Now its time to wait for the results. I think that most school will be mailing out those letters on April 1st, so there is still a good bit a waiting...but you just never know when one of those little guys can show up in your mailbox. In case you were wondering, the Mannes audition was actually ok. I tried to just lay low...come in not too long before and just warm up and play the audition. Bach went VERY well...Dvorak was acceptable (not amazing, but acceptable) and that was all I played. Maybe I wasn't what they were looking for...maybe that's all they needed to hear? I guess I'll be finding out in a few weeks. And Fred Sherry wasn't at the audition. So who knows what's going on with that. Mannes is a very small and slightly ghetto building...but I think its pretty good. They have good teachers. Guess we'll see what happens. Did I mention that I'm done with Grad School Auditions? NEXT PROJECT: All those in the Rochester area (and within 100,000 miles of it) are required to attend my Senior Degree Recital on March 26th at 9:00pm in Kilbourn Hall. It will be an all contemporary program (whatever that means) featuring the Debussy Cello Sonata, the Rochberg Sonata-Aria, the Ligeti Solo Sonata, and a new work by Jario Duarte Lopez (which is not yet completed...so it's gonna be REALLY new). The fabulous Tatiana Vassilieva will play the piano. I'm taking a few days off from cello...but will be hitting it hard (VERY HARD) starting next Wednesday when I rehearse with the above mentioned Tatiana EVERYDAY until the recital. That should be interesting. And I'm done with grad school auditions. PHONE NEWS: My parents bought me a new one!!!! And it has a camera!!!!!! It will be coming tomorrow around 12, at which point I will officially be part of the functioning world again. Yesterday was very strange indeed. It was kind of fun and sad at the same time to be in the middle of this huge city and know that there were people there that I could do things with and I had no way to contact them or do anything. It put me in a really strange mood. And I didn't see the movie, because me and Sunny ended up hanging out (thanks to internet at Starbucks!). Enough blogging.



I'm really tired. And I'm sitting at a Starbucks...where I payed some money so I could have internet. I might go to a movie tonight. But I'm not sure. I would hang out with Sunny, but I don't have a phone...so I'm kind of by myself...its weird. I spent the afternoon just wandering around. I took the diagnostic tests for Mannes this morning. The way it works: the more you know, the more tests you have to take. So I had to do dictation for TWO HOURS. That's right, two straight hours of dictation. They ended up passing me out of aural skills (if I go there). I also got out of harmony but I would have to take counterpoint (since I've never really done it before). Was kind of annoying to do all of it though. Especially the two hours of dictation. Maybe I will go to the movie: Good Night and Good Luck. I kind of want popcorn.


Not looking good

Might as well cross Juilliard off the list. I bombed Pezzo (as usual) and Dvorak was less than stellar (and they asked for the 3rd movement). Maybe I will be going back to Eastman afterall. There is a cello lunch thing at 1:00, so I'll see what Fred Sherry says. He was very happy and bouncing getting really excited about everything I played...even though it was all BAD. But anyway...I don't really have anything illuminating to say. So I'll fill you in later.


Call me?

Let's just assume you have been trying to call me. Now that we have established that, you will realize that I haven't answered any of your calls. That is because my phone went missing somewhere between Rochester and Laguardia. That really sucks a lot. I'm going to worry about it after my audition tomorrow. Perhaps I should just get a new plan/phone since the two year contract expires really soon. In other news: New York is amazing as always. Run-through with my pianist was pretty shaky...but I literally walked off the plane and into the practice room. So things were a bit tight. And she said that the cello faculty likes to ask for the 3rd mvt of Dvorak and cut to the coda...so I am now EXTREMELY worried about that...and I will be getting up at 6:00am to go to Juilliard and get a practice room so I'll be ready in case they ask for it. So scared... Today was by far the biggest day EVER for OhMyTrill. At last check there were 584 hits today...thanks mainly in part to bloggers Nathaniel and Gabriel who generously linked to my oscar rant earlier this morning. Guess that is small beans to most bloggers, but this little mom and pop joint could use the activity! Thanks guys! Wish me luck at the big J tomorrow!

Real World: Where Oscar Doesn't Matter

Today, when I checked the mail, I was very disturbed to find a very very skinny envelope from Rice University. Just what I needed after the horrible night of injustice. However, it turned out only to be a letter that said this, "We are currently reviewing application files and will make admission decisions as soon as the last auditions have been evaluated." Are they just trying to mess with people? I so though that I got rejected super fast. At least I haven't been yet! So, its now time to leave the world of Oscar (where I have been for the past day or so) and enter the real world of auditions. Tomorrow I have my most important audition of all: The Juilliard School. I would really like to go to school here, not only because it is in New York City (which I adore...a lot) but I think Fred Sherry would be the most appropriate teacher for me. I feel like I'm good friends with him already, even though I only met him once for 30 minutes, and haven't talked to him since. No matter what, he is THE GUY for new music. Who else would suggest that his students play Zorn on their degree recitals? I don't see anybody at Eastman playing Zorn on their recitals. But whatever. I am fairly well prepared, at least as much as I have been for any other audition I've done. I am VERY nervous about my showpiece, simply because I'm bad at them. Guess I just need to convince the Juilliard cello faculty that I love playing showpieces. Or maybe they wont even ask for it! Anyways, I'll be in NYC from tonight through Thursday evening. And I'm brining Mr. Computer with, so blogging should remain constant...since I know you would all miss me (how many people even read this thing, like 5?) And thanks to all of you who linked to my post earlier today...love ya!

In Mourning

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Not so good at guessing

I knew it was a bad sign when Matt Dillon got such huge applause when Jon Stewart mentioned him at the beginning. I got a bad feeling, but kind of just filed it away...and then look what happened. Anyways, here's how I did (I'm sure nobody did well since basically everybody missed best picture). 16/24=66%=not a good year for me... Best Picture: Brokeback Mountain Best Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman Best Actress: Reese Witherspoon Best Supporting Actor: George Clooney Best Supporting Actress: Amy Adams Adapted Screenplay: Brokeback Mountain Original Screenplay: Crash Animated: Wallace and Gromit Art Direction: Memoirs of a Geisha Cinematography: Brokeback Mountain Costumes: Memoirs of a Geisha Directing: Ang Lee, Brokeback Mountain Documentary: March of the Penguins Doc Short: God Sleeps in Rawanda Film Editing: Crash Foreign Language Film: Paradise Now Makeup: Chronicles of Narnia Music (Score): Brokeback Mountian Music (Song): Transamerica (Travlin' Thru) Live Action Short: Ausreisser Anim Short: The Mooon and the Son Sound Editing: King Kong Sound Mixing: Walk the Line Visual Effects: King Kong


Shame on you Academy

When watching Crash I felt as though somebody was beating me over the heard with a large hammer labled "Racism." I think it is fairly certain that this will go down as one of the worst years in Oscar History. First of all, there was a lack of stellar films (there was one that was stellar, and one that was very good). The entire thing was horrendously predictable (not that you can tell from my predictions) and the mother of them all...Crash won best picture. Can somebody wake me up and tell me that it is still Sunday morning and the Oscars haven't happened yet? While Crash does have its merits (for instance, the car rescue scene and Thandie Newman's performance) it does not have enough of them to merit a win for best picture. I truly do not understand how people actually liked this movie. It really was torture for me to watch it. The writing was horrible (and it won best screenplay?) parading around a bunch of racist people does not make an intelligent movie. Show us something original, show us a story that touches people. Brokeback Mountain: possibly the biggest snub in Oscar History. Not only was it a compact and smart film; it featured some of the best performances of the year (Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway...oh wait, that's every character in the movie) it was beautifully shot and accompanied by a spectacular score (which was justly rewarded). After a night where the Academy continually kept celebrating how smart and progressive they are, wouldn't it have only made sense to award a smart and progressive film like Brokeback Mountain? A film that puts two men in the place of a usual hetero relationship to prove the point that their love is the same as any other? Yes, the love story of Brokeback Mountain is no different than what other movies have done time and time again, but it made it fresh and new and exciting. And thank you to the conservative media that made this happen. Brokeback was fine until you came around and made up this non-existent face-off between it and Crash. Brokeback was the most celebrated film of the year. Brokeback was the most talked about film of the year. Brokeback was the most subtle film of the year. But you couldn't deal with the gay people, so you gave a huge boost to the audience pleaser that was Crash and ruined it for everybody. Shame on you Academy...shame shame shame... [end rant]

My Best Guess

Here are my Oscar guesses...haven't keep up nearly as well as I should have, so we'll see. (although I must say that I have done well in past years...) Best Picture: Brokeback Mountain Best Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman Best Actress: Reese Witherspoon Best Supporting Actor: George Clooney Best Supporting Actress: Amy Adams (have a strange feeling bout this one) Adapted Screenplay: Brokeback Mountain Original Screenplay: Crash Animated: Wallace and Gromit Art Direction: Memoirs of a Geisha Cinematography: Brokeback Mountain Costumes: Memoirs of a Geisha Directing: Ang Lee, Brokeback Mountain Documentary: March of the Penguins Doc Short: God Sleeps in Rawanda Film Editing: Crash Foreign Language Film: Paradise Now Makeup: Chronicles of Narnia Music (Score): Brokeback Mountian Music (Song): Transamerica (Travlin' Thru) Check back later to see how I did...and to see my personal corrections to who they actually pick...

One Hot Umbrella

Everyone who played in Mary Counts recital last night got one of these. It is a very nice gift. She also sounded amazing (as always). And I know she is glad to be done. Thank you Mary, for the umbrella, and your music, and your friendship!

Bad Blogger

How come my rating on the TTLB Ecosystem is always going up and making me happy, then suddenly without warning it goes down to almost nothing. More people are reading my blog than ever and my rating sucks. Can anyone give me a clue as to what is going on? Maybe I'm just a boring blogger that doesn't know how to write? Tags:, ,



While I must admit that I have not been nearly involved with Oscar this year as I have been in recent years, it is still a requirement to watch the big show. Wasn't my favorite year in the movies, but there were definitely some good ones (and great ones!). Here are my five favorite scenes of the year: 5. The Corpse Bride: Piano Solo/Duet... **In my opinion one of the most overrated movies of the year. Just a hollow remake of the fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas. However, the two scenes involving the piano were strangely touching. And how can you not love a scene involving a four-hand piano duet between a living man and his corpse bride? 4. Happy Endings: Ending sequence... **(recapping where everybody is...cut to Maggie Gylenhall randomly singing in a night club) A really interesting movie that really deserved a lot more than it got. Great performances all around...and how can you resist an unexpected ending like that? And Maggie can really sing too.3. King Kong: Anne and Kong meet each other in the streets of Manhattan... **Complete with that signature larger than life Peter Jackson cinematogrophy, the image of Naomi Watts in the street has been burned into my mind. Throw in a slow paced very long shot of the woman and ape staring at each other and you have me sold.2. Capote: "What is the name of your book?" **The culmination of the movie and all of our questions answered. Many tears were spilled (by the actors in the movie I mean.)1. Brokeback Mountain: Final phone conversation... **The scene that has stayed with me. The long close-up/reaction shot while Anne Hathaway breaks the news to Ennis. Her's is one of my favorite performances this year because of this scene (too bad her part was too small to get recognition). Listen for the tiny inward gasps as she hears things she really doesn't want to.


I want to make invitations for my recital on March 26th...I found these, and while they are really fun, they are a bit expensive. Anybody have any suggestions?


New Communication Wave

In case you haven't heard...wallchatting is the new IM. I just finished a lengthy wallchat with the brilliant and profound Andy Nogal on facebook. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, wallchat is carrying on an im-like conversation through a facebook wall. Thats right...its almost the same as IM, except that anyone can read it and you can breeze through the archives left over on a facebook profile. Topics range from Cher to, well, I guess we didn't really discuss anything except for the fact that we were wallchatting. See facebook profile for evidence. To really impress your friends change your profile picture while wallchatting...or to throw them for a loop send a text message at the same time. And its so lamb. Tags:,

So Lamb...

If you are confused as to what the term LAMB means...here is a good definition: Tags:, ,

I Just Realized...

...that I have a recital in Kilbourn Hall really soon. I'm only going to have one or two more lessons before this recital. I will also have a rehearsal every night the week of this recital for a different recital. I haven't finished learning one of the pieces for my recital...and it is the biggest/longest piece on the program. I haven't rehearsed with Tatiana for a long time on anything. One of the pieces that I will be performing is not completed yet. I have to learn two very difficult pieces for the other recital I am playing in. And CCE has to learn the Penderecki Quartet that we will perform two days later on yet a third recital. And I thought things would be getting a bit easier after spring break. I was wrong. Tags:

What gives?

How come nobody has ever left me a testimonial on Friendster? Tags:


The Orchid Thief

Thought I should mention that I finally finished reading The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean. Most of you probably know this as the book that inspired the movie Adaptation. The movie is radically different from the book (being a VERY loose adaptation). I have to admit that I love both of them in their own way. I love the way that Susan Orlean writes...it is all at once informal and profound. She'll go from being extremely funny about something (such as alligators crossing a parking lot) and then suddenly start talking about her inner most desires. The book is at first about John Laroche, a man charged with stealing precious/endangered orchids out of a swamp...but it delves into the history of Florida, orchid hunting around the world, and the Seminole Indian tribe. We learn how all of these things fit together and the book ends up eventually being about obsession and unfulfilled desire. Really amazing. You have probably read the quotes I have posted here and though that they weren't very interesting. READ THE BOOK. You will not be sorry. It really is one of my favorites ever. I need to read more of her books...right now. But first its on to Truman Capote and In Cold Blood. Tags:, , ,


Can I stay with anyone in NYC from March 6-9?!?!?!!? All of my regulars have abandoned me. Please help. Tags:, ,


Juilliard received a rare gift today: tons of scores and manuscripts that people have never really seen or studied before. Apparently there is so much that they are building a new room to house all of it. Read more here. Tags:,