Today I received the special audition piece that Tanglewood sends to everyone playing an audition exactly two weeks prior to the audition. I was expecting it to be some sort of crazy contemporary thing, since Tanglewood is almost all new music this summer. Turns out it is a contemporary thing, but its just three lines of noteheads and at the bottom it says you can play any rhythm dynamic or articulation. So I'm not really sure what they are going for with this. Whatever... Don't know if I mentioned this before...I will be playing "Lick" by Julia Wolfe in Musica Nova first rotation. It will be the first time that I get to play amplified!! Sounds exciting to me!! My computer is also having a semi-disaster. There is basically no free room on it...so I am working on transferring all of my music to CD's to free up some space. I need a new computer so badly...agh!

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CDB said...

Sounds like your spring will be full of all kinds of crazy new music! From the quasi-notationless (i.e. Tanglewood piece) to the voraciously-notated (i.e. Crumb & Pintscher), it should be a fun ride. Actually, I really hope you play the Pintscher sometime! His viola piece 'In Nomine' is circulating around ESM now too...

I'm looking forward to hearing all of this new music (after my comps).

By the way, I would highly recommend buying an external hard drive for your music files (they're pretty cheap now). I store all of my .mp3's externally now, and it saves me tons of space!