What Gives?

So, what is it with all of these TV shows that have tons of characters living completely fabulous lives in NYC? Does everybody in NYC have easy jobs that make them tons of money? I know I would like to live in NYC and go out to eat for every meal...however, If I lived there, I would never be able to go out because of the lack of money. I mean, take Kramer from Seinfeld as an example. He lives on the upper west side (I think) and doesn't even work and somehow manages to go on all of his escapades AND own a car (but mostly takes taxis...hmmm). If this is what it's like to live in New York, I'm moving there tomorrow. I will, however, keep watching my 'friends' living it up in the big city... Saw "Trick" tonight...not one of the most amazing contributions to gay cinema, but it is adequate. Its such a horrible genre of film, at least the movies that get made. Maybe now it will snap into shape that Brokeback Mountain has been made...all others pale in comparison. PS> I got audioscorobbler goes iPod to work finally...if anybody cares...that means that all of the music I listen will get updated in the Spy On Music link at the right...so spy all you want.

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paul said...

It's not true. Many people in New York get themselves in A LOT of debt. The people who DO live there spend most of their money on rent. Those who are making money do things that are not very musical.