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Welcome back to the world of normal entries. Although I must admit, it is much easier to just write a list...anyway...I get my cello back tomorrow from the shop. This will be just in time to record the Popper Duo with Lauren...I also just realized that I forgot to check out the Kummer parts from the library...I hope Lauren remembered to. Finished Tanglewood app and scheduled an audition for Youth Orchestra of the Americas...guess I won't be doing anything "cool" this summer...Lucerne and Bang on a Can can wait, right? Until I have money and time to learn crazy contemporary repertoire? And Jack+Cher=hilarious. PS> Me and Lauren are having a Will&Grace party when we get back to Rochester.

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Heather said...

You're watching "Bring It On"??????

Wow - you're a new chick flick junkie, aren't ya.