Lots o' Movies

The Squid and the Whale is a very good movie...especially the acting...the little kid was a bit freaky. Kind of echoes of Royal Tennenbaums (minus the joyful randomness)...you should really see this movie...guess the stand-out is Jeff Daniels, but it really is the group of four that makes the movie. Very understated in a "here it is" fashion. I must admit that so far I am not taken with the genre of Westerns...after viewing Hell's Hinges and Stagecoach I am not very excited to see any more...perhaps they will get better? First rehearsal of CCE went very well!!! We managed to play through the whole first movement of the Plylar (keep in mind that it is about 40 seconds...but it is a very difficult 40 seconds). Yay!

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