The Berghoff

Last night me and my dad went to the Berghoff restaurant in downtown Chicago. Supposedly I had been there before when I was a wee little one, but I didn't remember it at all. The Berghoff will be closing in February (I think) so there has been a mad rush to go there before it closes...we had to wait 25 mins in a line before we could get a table, and it was only about 4:30. The Berghoff is a Chicago landmark...it has been open since something like 1893...and is finally closing...thats a pretty good run. They feature German food...I had sauerbraten with a root beer float for dessert (they make their own root beer!). It was fun and the food was good...too bad its closing! Tomorrow is Part 2 of the BT (the big trip for those of you who don't speak abbreviation...I guess that could also stand for something such as beautiful tarp...or bouncy tree) I'm sure we will have tons of fun and we will most definitely be spending at least 72% of the time listening to the producers soundtrack. Finished season 3 of Will&Grace last night...hilarious as always. I feel like I could have applied myself and finished the 4th season during break as well...but that is a lot of work.


Heather said...

I am so sad about the Berghoff! I've been there twice, and my dad used to go there ALL the time in his Glee Club college days at Purdue, when they would travel. FYI - Producers may possibly be listened to at least 84% of the time, depending on how much Miss Mary sleeps and doesn't mind us gushing about it. Here we go, BTtS (Big Trip the Sequel)!!!!!!

Sophia said...

Awesome template! :)

- Sophia five days ago