Sunday Afternoon Library Blogging: Mall Walk

Let's start with this: a few days ago when me and Kimberly were a little bit tipsy (after the Dvorak competition) we asked each other to the winter ball. A few days later, we confirmed this with no alcohol in our systems and decided to actually go for real. This poses one major problem: we need to buy something to wear since everybody needs to look fabulous. That predicament lead us to go to the mall early this morning...assuming that the stores opened at 10...we got in the car at 9:30. However, upon arriving at the mall, we discovered that the stores don't open until 11...which left us all alone with the mall-walkers. I don't really know what drives people to mall walk...after all, you need to drive to the mall so you can mall walk...why not just take a walk in your neighborhood? We definitely stuck out in the crowd, since for a large amount of time we sat down on a little fountain ledge and had Starbucks...some of the people there were just previewing the stores before they opened...but then there was the breed of hard-core mall walkers, dressed up in their Adidas work-out clothes, counting the laps around the mall. So we tried to blend in with them, and miserably failed, and eventually went shopping when the stores opened. Went to Abercrombie and Fitch for the first time ever...and Kimberly bought a shirt that had her name on it (like almost everything in the store does). She decided to pass over the shirt that only said Fitch since it was a men's XL...We will need to go back to the mall sometime this week since none of us bought anything for the Winter Ball...any suggestions? PS>Java's has toasted almond today.

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