Too Much to Do

I am now back in Rochester, but this list of things to do is so huge I am nervous already. First of all: the Dvorak competition is on Monday...crazy...it doesn't help that I haven't really practiced enough, but as I commented a few days ago, I don't think its really my thing: so I'll try my best and whatever happens, happens. Looming not to far in the distance are grad school auditions: I will be traveling far and wide to Boston, Houston, Rochester, and the amazing NYC for many auditions during the months of February and March. My senior recital is sneaking up too, that happens at the end of March (or possibly mid-February) I also need to learn the Beethoven Triple Concerto which will be performed with the Greece Symphony in April and tons of stuff for Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon's composition recital on the same day as my senior recital...not to mention learning three pretty difficult pieces with CCE and possibly recording for competitions... This is not supposed to be a complaint entry...its more just sorting everything out for myself...sound like it should be a busy and fun semester...and I can't believe its all almost over. We have to have fun this semester ok?!?!? I miss everybody already!

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Anonymous said...

I AM BACK!!! Just now! with my mom!