Upcoming Competition

Yesterday was spent practicing and shopping with friends. Food was bought (and consumed) alcohol was bought (but not yet consumed) a tablecloth was bought (and also isn't consumed...which is a good thing). The apartment is clean...I hope it stays this way for at least a week. That would be nice. The good news: I won't make a fool of myself in the competition tomorrow. I played through the whole concerto (not a run-through) and it sounded half-way decent...not a winning product though. It will be interesting to see who wins in the end...there are a lot of people who are well qualified to win this thing...too bad they can't pick different people for different movements (although that would makes sense since the second half of the program is one movement from each symphony that Franz Schmidt composed...whatever). Small get-together at Matt's apartment...was fun. Today: practice...more practice...lesson with Dave

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paul said...

I think instead of having a different person play each movement of the concerto, they should just have the top two or three performers play the concerto together. It would be a kind of "double or triple concerto" -- worthy of the kinds of pathbreaking, trendsetting innovation we propogate here at Eastman.