So I just had my first major case of senioritis: I have had plenty of time to do the reading for film and to write the response paper...but I just can't make myself do it, and I just gave up. Maybe I can take the excuse that I have two summer auditions this week and was too busy...hmmm...at least you get to drop one so it doesn't matter that I didn't do this paper...but its pretty stupid on my part... Oscar nominations were announced this morning...I have made changes to my netflix queue to insure that the correct movies will be watched in time for the big show. Yay for tons of Brokeback Nominations including picture, actor, supporting actor, and supporting actress (although Jake G is really one of the leads, but whatever)...Boo to noms for Munich...it showed up as best picture and director, but then doesn't follow up with any other nominations...how can a film be good enough to get a pic nom, but then have nothing to show for itself in the other categories? I guess they just love Spielberg too much... I really dislike Tuesdays (and Monday nights for that matter)...

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