Sunday Afternoon Library Blogging: Match Point

First things first: Match Point=not good. I know I talked to a lot of you who raved about it...but me? I didn't like it. I liked it for a while...very calm but brooding, the whole opening monologue thing...but I kind of started to lose it the first time Scarlett Johanson entered the scene. She happens to be one of my favorites (based largely on one movie, namely Lost in Translation) but the poor girl has nothing to work with in this movie. At first she is this super seductive woman (for no apparent reason) she flirts heavily with everyone, and they fall for here, even though she is engaged (which of course poses many problems, mainly the basis for the movie), and then, about half-way through the film, she just gets whinny and annoying. If she gets nominated for Supporting Actress I will be a bit mad, she doesn't deserve it. The story was good enough with plenty of twists and turns (lots that surprised me) but I was expected it to go to a more interesting place than where it went...I don't know where, but what it did was fairly obvious and contrived, and I kind of got sick of it after a while. The story is based on Crime and Punsichment, but still, didn't work for me...Maybe Woody should stick to his comedies? The whole thing just seemed a bit ridiculous to me...I really did want to like it, but after that first scene with Scarlett (which is about 10 mins into the movie) I wasn't really taking it seriously anymore...the dialogue was too forced too soon and it only set up disappointment for the rest of the film. What happened? This could have been a really great movie...oh well... Hope Scarlett comes through next time... This has to be the slowest I have ever seen the library...I have been sitting here since 1:00 and only one person has come to the reserve desk to get one book...where is everybody? I'm gonna be sitting here for another 3 hours...maybe I will get some reading done? There are big happenings coming soon in the "my mom" department...a big day is arriving!

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