The New Mean Girls?

Or should I say the old Mean Girls...since Bring It On precedes Mean Girls by several years. I have to admit, this movie really surprised me (and I'm sure Heather's mouth will hit the floor). I have kind of been into this "teen girl ditz-fest" movies lately...I guess there are tons of them, but some of the better ones separate themselves from the crowd...and one of the best is Bring It On. I can't say why, but I was just really into it...and throw in hugely choreographed cheer sequences and I'm sold. And Kirsten Dunst (who I have always liked) is fabulous. See it (although most of you have seen it already I'm sure) I'm putting it at the top of the must-buy list.


ali said...

This one is so superior to the "old mean girls"...can we say that opening sequence?

paul said...

oh yea, Bring On the Mean Girls!