Things to Love about Boogie Nights:

  1. All of the amazing long takes: Love the one that follows a woman as she walks into the pool, and then goes underwater with her. The opening shot is over three minutes.
  2. Julianne Moore: she stays mostly on the sidelines, but shes amazing nonetheless.
  3. The music: its a strange combo of 'period' tunes as well as strange synthesized music composed by Michael Penn. I especially love the transition at the beginning from some sort of low brass oom-pa tunes to the blazing opening disco stuff.
  4. Mark Whalberg: who proved back in 1997 that he was a real actor who was actually pretty good (something that most people discovered last year in I Heart Huckabees).
  5. The huge ensemble that includes amazing actors such as William H. Macey. I even had tolerance for PSH. I don't like the fact that Capote is ruining my hatred for him. I liked disliking him much better.
  6. The "Amber, are you my mom?" scene. How can you not love a scene including Heather Graham and Julianne Moore asking stupid questions while high on coke.

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