Evil Dead

Around 5ish yesterday afternoon Brian received about 5 calls from a friend who had been having some bad experiences with a mouse. The mouse had apparently been poisoned and when said person attempted to remove the dead rodent, the mouse moved its head to look at her. Anybody could have been startled. When she returned to the room to finish the job, the mouse was gone. Meanwhile, another friend called me to express her hatred towards a huge bee flying around her apartment. When we arrived the bee was basically expiring in the corner, so to remove it we attached a piece of paper on the end of a broom and scooped it out the door. It did give Brian a bit of a fight, but once outside it was sitting peacefully and doing nothing. A disturbing phone call from the unfortunate mouse situation was even worse. The mouse had reappeared and decided to lie motionless on the floor. When the friend attempted to scoop the house up again, it moved its head, got up, and began to slowly crawl towards her while dragging its hind legs (and presumably making strange noises and foaming at the mouth). This would be enough to scare anybody out of their minds. When she returned the mouse was gone again. It hasn't been sighted since. RECENTLY: I just got off the phone from the most disturbing call yet. The bee is back and ready to take revenge. OMG. What is going here? A mouse resurrected twice and a bee once? What kind of power has been granted to these evil villains? Leave us alone!
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