The End.

In the past month I have been working on watching every Sex and the City episode in order...last night I watched the last four. As I've said in previous posts, I think that this show is spectacular. I can't think of any other comedy series that holds such high production values and has such a strong script (better than most dramas) and such a stellar cast. I'm sad to report that the show loses it in the end. The last few episodes become Hollywood cheesefest, complete with caned mood music piano playing at the most poignant moments. The show loses its 'real' quality as Carrie is rushed off into a non-so-perfect fantasy world and the supporting characters all but disappear. Strange little side stories occur that have no real bearing on what will happen or what has happened before. The strong writing is suddenly gone. But when you think about it, having a few dud-episodes doesn't mean much for a show where every single episode was so strong. The ended doesn't change my opinion of the rest of the series, but it certainly leaves me feeling unfulfilled. In the end everyone ends up where we expected them to be, but maybe the finale would have been a bit stronger if they hadn't. Tonight the bonus disc arrives with alternate endings and deleted scenes from all the seasons. Perhaps one of the endings that they didn't choose will be the one they should have? I'll let you know.

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