My Life Without Michelle

(imgaine this read by Meryl Streep)... If Michelle Pfeiffer was really only an actress she was still such a bewitching one that she could seduce people to pursue her year after year and mile after miserable mile. If she was a real actress I wanted to keep coming back to the cinema until I could see her. The reason was not that I love her. I don't even especially like her. What I wanted was to see this thing that Nathaniel was drawn to in such a singular and powerful way...I wanted to want her as much as Nathaniel wanted her... (...and I did...) (and now by me)... All this talk of Michelle Pfeiffer has always made me a bit uncomfortable...not because I don't like her, but because I had have somehow been able to avoid seeing any of her movies. While Nathaniel constantly gushed about her limitless amazingness and her constant absence from film screens, I could only sit quietly and subtly nod my head in agreement: I didn't know any better. I was too scared to admit the fact that she had never graced the presence of any movie screen or TV I had ever looked at, and it made me sad. What was it about this actress that had enthralled so many? I was embarrassed about my life without Michelle. I wanted to find the joy that so many others had, but for some reason I stayed away from the screen. Perhaps her onscreen persona would be too much for me to deal with? Maybe I wouldn't like her? I was content to be Pfeiferless for a while, but things started to get ridiculous and I finally viewed a Pfilm...and now I'm in love. I rented Batman Returns and I was hooked from her dramatic entrance (Honey I'm home...oh, I forgot, I'm not married.) to her yummy conclusion (Oh god... does this mean we have to start fighting now? ) She is simply ridiculous in this movie...too many bitch-kicking lines to count. But most of all, I can now comfortably view the rest of her work...and I will: her movies are lined up in my netflix queue as we speak so there will be plenty more Pfeiffer in my pfuture. Meow. ...This blog written as a participating entry in the Nathaniel's fantastic Pfeiffer Blog-a-thon. Send him some love...And my apologies to Susan Orlean for the above stolen quote.

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