Non-Grad School Comments

  1. The wine trip was amazing. We went to five wineries in the finger lakes: Paul made us breakfast and packed us all lunches: there are trillions of pictures (check flickr above and facebook if you can). Two bottles of wine were purchased: Dr. Frank and Hermann Wiemar. I guess if I stay here I will be able to go down there again!
  2. I saw Friends with Money with Sunny. Why would a director amass this really great cast with some of my favorites (Catherine Keener + Frances McDormand) and do nothing with them at all? It tries to be really serious, and in the end loses faith in itself. It wasn't even fun to watch. Basically: Don't waste your time.
  3. CCE Day (yesterday) was a success. We may have had some difficulties focusing, but in the end we got some things accomplished.
  4. To end CCE Day, Kimberly rented the Cher Farewell Tour and we all watched it. Its quite the production complete with a costume change for nearly every number. I think some were shocked, but it was really hilarious to watch.
  5. {read below for grad school comments}
  6. Me and Brian found subleters for the summer. Translation: $700 we didn't have before.
  7. I'm brushing up on my M. Pfeiffer watching so I an be an informed writer for Nathaniel's upcoming Blog-a-thon. Check back later this week for the big event.

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