First Rejection

I knew things were going too well...got my first rejection today from Juilliard. To be honest, I had kind of lost interest in it a little bit (it was my first choice) but there is a lot of attitude there...I probably wouldn't have been very happy. Although if I did get in, I probably would have gone anyway. It was also my worst audition, by far. It was really crappy. Whatever. Mannes didn't come through with very much money. This leaves the big question mark of Rice University. I really have no idea whats gonna happen there. I could get in...I might not. I'll probably find out tomorrow or the next day. ACK! What looked like kind of a good situation (I had gotten in to so many schools) suddenly all depends on what one school says. I want this to be over. In other news, rehearsals for Sea Symphony start today. The opening line of the chorus is, "Behold, the Sea!" I think hilarity + CCE laughing sessions will commence shortly.

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