Music News {list form}

  1. After some down time...Heather and I have become completely obsessed with the opening theme to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...a movie which has been slowly growing on me since I saw it last Thursday. What do you guys think about it?
  2. Martino's Notturno is some crazy-ass shit. The parts are almost unreadable, and on top of that, they are almost unplayable also. But its pretty darn bad-ass. Gotta love the 2nd movement with really specifically notated finger tapping on the instrument (he tells you which and how many fingers to use and where on the cello to tap). The concert is next Thursday and you should be there.
  3. Music For All is over forever. I think we had fun in our final presentation. I hate the prep, but the two performances are always kind of fun...especially with the amazing speaking skills of CCE. And presenting weird new music makes it even better.
  4. GRAD SCHOOL...see below.
  5. I didn't buy the P!nk album...I will eventually. Instead I got Daniel Powter. I can't see myself getting obsessed (don't speak too soon) but the music is def fun.

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