Tomorrow there will be a fabulous performance of Donald Martino's Notturno in Kilbourn Hall at 8pm as part of an Ossia: New Music concert. Everyone should come to see the crazy shit. Paul doubles on violin and viola, Hilary doubles on flute and alto flute, Juliet doubles on clarinet and bass clarinet, there are tons of percussion parts, and the pianist has to use some sort of percussion equipment, I'm not exactly sure whats going on over there. And I just get to hit my instrument a lot...and by a lot, I really do mean a lot. Should be super cool. Tomorrow is also a presentation given by myself and Alison on the life and works of Robert Altman. We will be showing clips of The Player (amazingly fabulous movie) and Gosford Park (amazingly long movie). Should be super cool. I think CCE should audition for this Steve Reich workshop thing. I doubt we have time. But we should at least consider it. Brad is conducting and its at Carnegie Hall. Should be super cool.

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