So now that I have heard every school (sort of) it's time to make some decisions. I'm starting to get advice from various musical and non-musical figures in my life. I'm starting to think that maybe its a good thing that I didn't just get into Rice, since they really don't have the programs that I am looking for....I probably wouldn't be that happy there (although I do like Norm Fischer a lot). Of the three schools I got accepted to, I am most interested in Eastman and Mannes, mainly because they have some sort of New Music thing going for them (Eastman has Brad...Mannes has Fred Sherry). I dropped an email to Mannes and another to Dean Undercofler (who thinks that I should go to Mannes!)...now I'm just waiting for Mannes to confirm Fred Sherry as my teacher, then I'll give him a call and go from there. Maybe this will work out afterall!

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