Sometimes I Just Need to Scream

So first I don't get into the grad school that I really wanted to go to (Juilliard) and then I get wait listed at the other grad school (Rice) I would have considered going to. Then I decided to go to the back up (Mannes) and try to get more money out of them (in the meantime I accepted a place at Eastman so as not to lose it). I didn't get anymore money at Mannes so resigned myself to going to Eastman and starting making preparations to stay (ie. telling everyone and starting to accept the fact and be excited about staying in Rochester). Then Matthew Loden (admissions guy at Rice) calls me and says that a space opened up and that there is a chance it will go to me (no guarantee however) and that I need to tell Adrian Daly (admissions guy at Eastman) and have him call Rice so they can discuss some things. I guess I just have to sit back and see what happens. I wish this drama was over.

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