Friday Consumption

Today I read Brokeback Mountain. It was really interesting to see the story compared to the movie...they both work amazingly well: the written story is soft spoken, short, and concise...but at the same time is huge in its message and strikingly profound. I didn't really know who the characters were, but the story works anyway, because its not about who they are, but what they are together. The movie is bigger in its scope (duh) but manages to still be intimate, never abandoning what the book did for a second. A stunning short story and a brilliant adaptation. Just now I finished watching Dangerous Liaisons, a much talked about movie over at Nathaniel's Blog-a-thon today. I was simply amazed from start to finish. Its been a long time since I saw a movie this good...I am fairly confident it will become one of my all time favorites. From the stunning costumes and smart cinematography to the spectacular ensemble cast (with super performances from Glenn Close, John Malkovich, and La Pfeiffer) this movie was almost too much to deal with. Must buy now.

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