Grad Update.

So, right now its looking like I'll be staying here at Eastman. This is not exactly how I wanted things to turn out, but I guess they did. There really is no way that I can make Mannes work...I would be in so much debt (I would be paying it off for roughly 72 trillion years). I should probably call Fred Sherry soon...I would really really like to study with him, but I just don't think its gonna happen next year. Maybe I could drop down to NYC a few times for lessons and stuff. Eastman gave me the biggest scholarship, and Rochester has the lowest cost of living, and I do like it here, and there will be lots of stuff for me to do. The other problem is that its more of the same. But whatever, we'll find out. There is still the tiniest chance I will get into Rice. They accepted one cellist, so they are waiting back to hear from him/her...and then they will call me. Ack!

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