Sunday Afternoon Library Blogging

I think that last nights viewing of Bring It On was a success. Such a hilarious movie. Even the Ply was impressed (I know there are haters...but why?...its just good clean fun) I'm looking forward to Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette which should prove to be completely crazy. She carries Bring It On with her super ditzy "cheerleaders are dancers gone retarded" schtick and we love her. Several things should be come apparent in the next few days...such as: where I will be going to grad school. April 1st is that day that schools have to mail by...so those final two letters will be arriving ANY DAY NOW....maybe even tomorrow. Things have gone well so far...but who knows what those two envelopes could contain! Its exciting and terrifying at the same time. The next two days are also super busy=two papers, MSQ4 gig (dinner with the president of U of R!!) beginnings of rehearsal for Ossia (crazy ass Martino), and the final appearance of CCE at a Music For All event [sob]. Rest of the week is smooth sailing. And I finally broke down and bought the entire Cascada album...its really bad (Everytime We Touch is an obvious fluke) but at least I can work out to it.

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