Sucks For You

I think that the Musica Nova concert tonight was one of my all time favorite concerts here at Eastman (up there with the likes of the CCE Brahms concert and the Ossia concert with Ligeti and Strauss). For all of you who missed it, sucks for you. You missed tons of loud amplified minimal Bang On A Can pop-fest fun. It had to be one of the largest crowds I have seen at a Musica Nova concert. Tons of fun was had by all...wish we could do it again! I think that the Wolfe went better than it ever had before, and I definitely broke roughly 17 trillion bow hairs. And Dave and Elinor were both there, that was nice of them to come! Tomorrow is a long and busy day and I'm really scared of it. By 10pm we will most likely have finished recording to Ply...but that is a long time from now. NEC audition was acceptable, not good, but acceptable. Kind of seemed like a waste of time, especially since I don't really have any interest in going there...but who knows. We'll see what happens.

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And who could forget the French concert??